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It’s not good.

Steve Edwards @SDECoxHealth
119 Covid inpatients at CoxHealth this morning. (We had only 14 patients in the middle of May).

Projections for the week of July 19 range from 153-178. This is likely well beyond our capability.

Delta is so highly transmissible, if not vaccinated, you are at tremendous risk.
7:27 AM · Jul 11, 2021

Some of the responses:

@GovParsonMO Thank you, Governor. You need to have more tourism in southwest Missouri.

Any numbers available for how many you are treating in ER/outpatient and sending home, sending home with oxygen? Any info on how many cases are bad enough to miss 2 weeks+ of work? # of people in area dealing with long haul symptoms?

Steve Edwards @SDECoxHealth The answer to all questions is “a lot” sorry, don’t have time to track this down, but your point is well taken. Hospitalizations are the tip of the iceberg in terms of human and economic costs. Rising insurance cost, lost wages, long haul syndrome…

I know you’ve said you’re seeing pediatric patients now. Is there data on how Delta is affecting otherwise healthy kids? I’ve looked but can’t really find anything. How worried do we need to be for our kiddos who can’t be vaccinated?

Steve Edwards @SDECoxHealth It is scary that we are beginning to see more pediatric admissions, but our anecdotal experience is they have recovered quickly. Don’t know yet about long haul syndrome.

How ma[n]y are not vaccinated?

Steve Edwards @SDECoxHealth That number probably won’t change much, you can assume that 97% + percent of covid pneumonia admissions are unvaccinated.

Gonna need more beds. Biden is capable of sending military personnel to help with expansion and medical care. I would rule out Gov. Parsons. He would probably just send National Guard to hand out popsicles and balloons.

Wow! So 20 new Covid admissions since your tweet yesterday?

Steve Edwards @SDECoxHealth 20 net admissions, as we also have discharges so total new admissions exceed 20

Sadly, I agree with you that with the current trajectory it will indeed get worse before it gets better. I’m at a loss Mr. E. You all are Heroes in my eyes. I wish there was more I could do to help.

Missouri got confused about “all exposure is good exposure”

Fools…And to avoid this strain on our healthcare systems, all folks needed was a little prick in their arm w/ a proven life saving vaccine. My prayers are with the healthcare workers and not so much with the foolish. Sorry, I’ve low tolerance for politically driven stupidity.

Yes, and the strain on the system might be denying others treatment they desperately need. And the HCWs, many underpaid overworked and their own lives and families being put at risk.

Unfortunately, some people must learn everything the hard way…

Get vaccinated.

Wear a damn mask.