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Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].


Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
States, territories and the federal government should work together to simplify the federal workforce structure and create public-private partnerships to upskill workers that will bridge the ever-present skills gap and fuel economic recovery as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.
7:03 PM · Jul 12, 2021

As the “pandemic subsides”? Really?

Some of the responses:

Wait, Parson was just bragging about #Missouri unemployment rate, economic recovery (via U-Haul), signed a Fed nullification bill, won’t spend Fed funds people need, won’t fund education, healthcare, vaccination campaign, Health Depts, Child Services, etc but now this? Really?

Missouri ranks 49th in education. 49th in teacher pay. Number 1 for Covid infections. One wonders if the skills gap and education and covid infections might somehow be related??

You need to concentrate on getting Covid under control. If you don’t want to do it, find someone who knows what they are doing and hire them. This is only going to get worse as the weeks go on.

Missouri is still leading the nation in Covid. I know you still really want to pretend it’s over

The pandemic isn’t subsiding in Missouri. It’s raging. Pretty soon we’ll have our own variant because your neighbors don’t believe in science.

Says the guy who blocked federal law that defunds local law enforcement if they work with Federal law enforcement. My OFallon police chief resigned bc of it.

You think COVID is subsiding in MO? That’s almost as delusional as thinking you want cooperation between state & Federal govt. Didn’t you just sign a bill saying the opposite?

“As the COVID-19 pandemic subsides”? Sir you do know you are the governor of the state of Missouri where COVID-19 cases are currently increasing exponentially?

Umm. It’s not subsiding in MO.


COVID is NOT subsiding in Missouri. It’s getting worse. Why would he say it’s subsiding? It’s a shitshow in SW Missouri where I live. Hospitals are overflowing. People are dying. Parsons has failed to respond in a timely manner to this pandemic. This is failed leadership.

Are we going to shift the paradigms and build synergy to optimize positive outcomes?

This is a bunch of corporate-speak BS that was copied and pasted by the Governor’s staff.

It was written by a committee and then forwarded by an idiot.

Subsides? @GovParsonMO perhaps talk to a few healthcare folks in Springfield. What a poor poor example you are.

Subsides? You need to go check your dictionary.

Continue to ignore Covid and you will have a lot of jobs open up. Republicans continue to not care about their own voters, it’s just amazingly stupid.

Where is Covid subsiding? Certainly not in MO under your failed leadership.

You have no idea what you’re doing. Please stop offering suggestions on what should be happening. You’re incompetent.

Covid has not subsided. Admissions are doubling again. Nurses have left because they are tired of the no vaccine no mask bullshit. There won’t be enough nurses to care for our aging population. Good luck you’re pretty much f@cked.

I see you’ve managed to incorporate seven bull$hit bingo terms into your run-on sentence tweet, including the ridiculous “upskill”.
AND you’ve implied (dishonestly) that the pandemic is subsiding, while you have a full-blown medical crisis in your state.

Missouri counties are in the top 20 of all of USA for covid cases, hospitalizations, .and deaths. Obviously not subsiding. You are just another alternative facts Republican moron.

You really are a shitty governor.

Says dude who cut off unemployment so as to try and force people to take crap minimum wage service jobs. GFY

Subsides? Have you seen the numbers in Missouri? Christ you’re an ignorant asshole.

But…at least we know who are more likely to engage in behavior that will reduce the red voter pool in 2022. Good Job killing your voters off, Moron.