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Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Nice to see New York finally admit what we know knew all along in Missouri…

Of course, it came *after* we were insulted by the pundits.

Keeping students out of schools is detrimental. America should never cower in fear. We rise up to the challenge. #RenewRestoreRebuild [….]
4:54 PM · Aug 7, 2020

“…Of course, it came *after* we were insulted by the pundits…”

You make it easy.

Some of the responses:

What is the percentage of tests in New York that are positive? What is the percentage of tests in Missouri that are positive? When you get those figures, then tell us about how safe it is to open schools in Missouri?

Let me do that homework for you. According to data, you will find here: [….]
Today, New York’s percentage of positive cases is just over 1%
Today, Missouri’s percentage of positive cases is just under 10%.

I’m a Missouri teacher and I don’t cower in fear, I do however, analyze data and believe in Science. Your platitudes are not plans and your willingness to expose children and school staff to a deadly virus is sickening.

Yes…there is a huge difference between NY’s 1% positivity rate and MO’s nearly 10% rate. NY has a leader for governor and we with a train wreck in @GovParsonMO and a GOP that refuses to lead.

Ozarks have a 20% infection rate. Springfield has 16%. Not sure about Hartzler’s math, but for regular folks that means we are doing a lot worse than New York. We need to get our infection rate down before sending students back for F2F classes.

“I don’t understand that different areas of the country have different levels of infection. I am a member of Congress.”

There is a difference between New York’s and Missouri’s situations. Daily deaths from COVID in New York are near zero. Missouri is still peaking. If you can’t see the difference, you’re either really slow, or willfully ignorant.

New York’s positivity rate is near 1%. They’re trajectory of new cases is stable. That’s why they are able to re-open their schools safely. Missouri’s positivity rate 10.7%. Some parts of the state the positivity rate is as high as 22%.

I do believe that the CDC said that positivity rate should be below 5% to even consider schools, and most experts state “bars & restaurants or schools, but not both”.

New York can reopen. Missouri can reopen. The question is which one will close them the fastest because nothing has been done in one of the states to slow down the spread? Do you know which state that is? [….]

But NY is in a better place with the virus than we are. We are one of the hot states with fastest increasing numbers…

Missouri’s positivity rate is north of 10%.
New York’s positivity rate is roughly 1%.

Missourians are CURRENTLY dying at 3x the rate as New Yorkers NOT adjusted for the massive population disparity.

Seriously, Vicky, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Are you going to be attending the funerals or is this another thoughts and prayers type situation?

Congressperson Hartzler, please demonstrate your support by showing up in person at schools and expressing your gratitude and support to teachers and staff. Be the change you want to see. Put actions to your words!

Maybe read The Pet Goat to each class of elementary students?

We’ll be looking forward to your help as a substitute teacher once the sickness begins. Contact me and I’ll help get you set up!

Almost 1,400 #Missouri residents have DIED from Covid in just 5 months. That’s likely an under-estimate, due to sketchy state data.
If 1 student + 2-3 school staff die from Covid school transmission, is that acceptable, @RepHartzler? 10? 20? Curious about your cost/benefit ratio.

Is she really that stupid?

Vicky, the person you’re replying to works for TPUSA. Their co-founder recently died of Covid-19 after attending a Trump gathering in Phoenix-[….]

Never would I believe any politician would be allowed to put helmets on our children and send them to their deaths. We don’t know nearly enough about this virus or it’s long term effects on children. Because no where else has anyone had the audacity to put their kids in danger.

Cause NY did things correctly Vicky. We’d all love to be in that position but we’ve got Parson and the rest of the GOP anti-science idiots.

Have you seen New York’s infectious rate? They succeeded. Your state is floundering.

Cower in fear?

160,000 ARE DEAD.

Stupid tweet.

We? Get it right. It’s a CULT

LOL. Apples and oranges Mrs PPP thief.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].


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