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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) has a solution with no actual plan:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
As a mother and a former teacher, I know firsthand students rely on their schools for sense of purpose, vital nutrition, and a place of stability. That is something worth fighting to protect. It’s time for students to return to the classroom.
8:21 AM · Jul 9, 2020


Some of the comments, as always, priceless:

You could fight for increased funding to our schools to ensure they’re safe…

…but you oppose sending federal money to help state and local governments.

You’ve also cast votes to underfund education.

You can’t decrease resources + increase responsibilities.

Killing teachers and children.

What is your plan to protect school employees and students’ families from becoming infected? Should they suffer and die in order to get our kids back in school? We’ll be turning some of those kids into orphans. Educated orphans, but orphans nonetheless.

It is really hard for kids to enjoy school when they are fighting brain damage, lung damage and blood clots. Also when they accidentally kill Grandma, it isn’t good for their mental health.

Vital nutrition , place of stability and sense of purpose. If your dead none of this matter.

What’s the plan for keeping our children safe?

If we’re going to reopen we need resources to be committed to that effort immediately, not siphoned off to private schools by the Secretary of Education. We need to start securing bigger spaces, hiring staff, and planning and all we get in Missouri are directives and budget cuts.

It will be time when it is safe to do so and not a moment sooner.

You’re a fucking idiot.

Teachers, custodians, staff — are you going to have enough testing available? Currently nursing home staff is being tested 2x week. Not bad if you’re in a low infection state and people are wearing masks. But are you all ramped up for the fall? I bet not.

Which public school will you be volunteering at this fall?

You first.

Yet another Republican willing to throw average citizens under the (school) bus.

Forcing school to reopen with out the financial assistance to efficiently combat COVID is the dumbest policy proposal ever.

What about the teachers you are getting ready to kill?

But protecting young people from spreading the virus to their homes and communities is also vitality important isn’t it? Are school employees over 60, whether it’s a teacher or a cleaner or a bus driver, exempt from being forced to return? Otherwise it’s like a Petri dish.

You know, science.

It’s time for students to return where it’s safe. Schools are superspread events waiting to happen, a number of kids bringing it home to their families, followed by exponential growth. Don’t be a killer, show some common sense and compassion. Show some independence from Trump.

“…Show some independence from Trump.” Not gonna happen.

I’m a constituent and a teacher, I can’t even by lysol wipes or spray for my home? How are you going to keep my young adult students safe when we can’t even wipe down their desks?

No. Children need their parents alive and healthy and able to care for them. Get rid of the virus first. Children will spread and bring the virus home to the adults. It’s not rocket science. Then what? Sick adults. Who takes care of the children? Use logic, have patience.

As a parent of children still in school, I prefer my children alive.

My kids will go to school when it’s safe for trumps buddies to go to prison.
You can’t have it both ways…it’s either safe, or it’s not.

As a former teacher, how do anticipate opening safely? Districts have been chronically underfunded so where will they find the money to pay for the equipment and supplies needed to keep students and adults safe? Who will be responsible for the medical expenses of sickened staff?

Thats a bold take for my home town newspaper. Actively condoning the death of over 600 teachers. With a million K-12 students in Missouri some will die. No mention of the impact our representative is ok with. No push to get her to take a firmer stance on masks and PPE. Total BS

I can’t believe the Republicans picked this hill to die on.

No, they picked this hill for you to die on.

The windows to your soul are vacant.

I don’t think we’re ready for that yet, we need to make sure that the teachers and staff won’t be adversely affected by this decision. They didn’t sign up for that kind of hardship, and they aren’t paid for it.

Can you assure that it is as safe as possible, amid this surge of cases? Are you confident it won’t make the the pandemic worse? No of course not, you don’t care about our lives or our children, you care about politics and money.

Go to hell

We’re all already there.

I’m so damn happy you’re not teaching. Last thing we need is dumber students.

Kids rely on their parents protection, first, last and always. That was a stupid statement. If we have placed so much responsibility on our schools, we have MUCH bigger problems and need to work on that before sending kids to germ pools.

it frightens me that someone so opposed to facts used to be a teacher.

I Already set up my classroom so where I can barricade the door in case of a school shooter.

I guess I’ll just have to figure out how I’m supposed to keep the kids and myself safe when schools are barely cleaned during the school year as it is.

This tweet…. did not perform well, honey.

The Republican Party is a death cult.

And how are you going to protect them? Easy to say that they must go back to school, but what precautions are being taken to protect them and their teachers?

And on and on.

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].