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This evening:

katieRoseHerb(she/they) @katiegreenstein
in MO-03 a candidate named Megan Rezabek won the Democratic Primary on August 4 with 66.9% of the vote. no one knows who she is, where she came from, or how she won. THIS is that story.
9:42 PM · Aug 7, 2020

On Tuesday:

State of Missouri – Primary Election, August 04, 2020
Unofficial Results
as of 8/7/2020 10:14:39 PM

U.S. Representative – District 3 316 of 316 Precincts Reported
Brandon Wilkinson Republican 15,894 14.761%
Adela Wisdom Republican 3,483 3.235%
Blaine Luetkemeyer Republican 80,585 74.843%
Jeffrey Nowak Republican 3,517 3.266%
Lynette Trares Republican 4,193 3.894%
Party Total: 107,672

Megan Rezabek Democratic 27,809 66.852%
Dennis Oglesby Democratic 13,789 33.148%
Party Total: 41,598

Leonard J Steinman II Libertarian 626 100.000%
Party Total: 626

Total Votes: 149,896

[emphasis added]

Megan Rezabek.

Then this, comments on Facebook:

It’s estimated that at least 1 democrat nominee in Missouri wasted the voters time and money over the last 10 months playing a ghost and now is trying to pretend like she is qualified to run for office or knows the first thing about legislation. Which candidate was that? What is your thoughts on that disrespect and the slap in the face to all the citizens that have donated money to a person that they actually had faith in? What do you think about republicans pulling a democrat ballot in a primary to vote for the least viable candidate against an incumbent.

I want to hear from you. Half of the constituents in my house district want to hear from you. You’re the candidate, but where have you been? Please reach out today. My messages are open.

Ok so let’s get this straight. You have been silent the entire time. And This is is the first item you are going to address as a candidate to go after Blaine Luetkemeyer ? This is important. But this is your issue? No one knows anything about you!!! You only won because you were lucky enough to have the top spot on the ballot. You’re going to have to do more than this to win in November and actually campaign unless you were just a plant after all and you have no intention of even trying to beat Blaine in November and represent the Democratic party.

I will not vote for you. Withdraw so we can have a real candidate not some ghost.

At what point are you going to step up and campaign? You have done absolutely nothing.

These posts are apropos of nothing and don’t demonstrate a legitimate candidacy. You need to start actively campaigning now or else drop out.

Apparently, your campaign is so small, it’s virtually non-existent. Who are you? Why didn’t you make any effort to campaign in the district? What is your stance on issues? Why should we support you?

At the campaign web site:

A low signal to noise ratio:

Welcome to Missouri.

It’s not like this has never happened before.


Campaign Finance – 30 Day After General Election: Saundra McDowell (r) – in the State Auditor race (December 10, 2018)