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Right wingnuts got to right wingnut.

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Unemployment rate: 14.7%
Jobs Lost: 20.5 million

Stunning. It’s time to safely open up our economy again and get people back to work!
9:01 AM · May 9, 2020

Uh, tests? Where are they?

You left out the 78,469 dead Americans. Unless you’re one of those right wingnut pandemic truthers? Well, are you?

The responses are priceless, as usual:

A great pro-life argument for opening the economy! Why no mention of the number of deaths? number of tests? number of positive results? the number of negative results? number of people in hospitals? number of healthcare workers and first responders who’re positive?

Good questions.

How much money did you take that could have gone to smaller businesses and kept some of these people afloat, while your corporation remains worth millions of dollars?

Like we all locked down on a whim and just needed someone to suggest going back to work? I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but some folks are trying to avoid the pandemic that’s killed 78,000 people so far.

I’m not dying for Wall Street. But you help yourself by visiting one of the meatpacking plants, or prisons or nursing homes. Spend a day, let someone cough and breathe on you. Good times, amirite? Work will set you free. #RepublicansAreKillingUs

Judging from what I saw in West Plains today, good luck with that. Very little mask use. Very little social distancing. People going to Walmart in packs. The only reason why our cases aren’t spiking is because our local hospital does everything it can to look good.

Vicky if you really want “the economy open”, your best option is to follow the advice of public health experts & economists. We need to address the public health crisis. Address it honestly, openly, with a real plan. I haven’t seen that here in Missouri. Get to work on it.

We cannot safely open the economy until we have enough tests, which we don’t. Everyone at White House gets tested each day now. Same measures need to be in place at all workplaces in US, if that’s what it takes to create a safe workplace. Until then, fund workers not big corps

Jobless rate soared to 14.7%, highest since the Great Depression. There is a health crisis and an economic crisis. Republicans have failed to act on the health crisis, which caused the economic crisis. It is time for the Republicans to get out of the way so Democrats can lead.

How would you know what MO needs? When was the last time you met face to face with constituents? You are all talk no constructive action (though you were quick to participate in childish obstruction)all take($ for a bailout) and no give (contributed nothing for MO4 District. SAD

Where is test and trace? That’s something you could work on since you have some actual real governmental power. No one goes back to the gym, restaurant, hair salon etc if they think they will be infected. No control of viral spread, no economy to open. It’s that simple.

Have you not seen the stats showing the majority are not comfortable with this? Are workers going to be forced to work? What about the potential for lawsuits if someone gets sick? This is an excellent reason for unions.Sick or dead workers don’t help the economy either.

Why couldn’t we have what S.Korea had? Competent leadership that addressed the virus and protected its economy. Didn’t have to make choices between killing people and taking care of their people. That’s competence.

Because you and your friends gave yourselves tax cuts and helped yourselves to the stimulus package, there is no money left in the coffers. As always the rest of us have received the short end of the stick. Now the Republican oath is “Abreit macht frei”…Work sets you free.

And how do we do that, Vicky? By ditching the CDC guidelines? That’s what your buddy trump did. Here’s a clue for you, Vicky, whatever direction trump wants to go is most likely the wrong direction. Look in the opposite direction and you’ll probably find the right direction.

Science and math.

People will not return to pre-covid economic activity unless they feel safe. What are you doing to create safe conditions in the workplace and the community. (not just the perception of safety)

Your administration squelched the CDC’s well thought out Guide for Reopening the Country to save the stock market over American lives

it’s the safely part that has you republican all knotted up. you have no clue how to do it, and sit back so that governors take the blame, but we see all of you

We need a widespread test and trace program in our state. The economy won’t come back as long as Missourians continue to get sick.

500,000+ unemployed
9500+ #COVOD19 infected
450+ #COVID19 deaths

Economy vs. #COVID19 does not have to be the trade off. But reopening irresponsibly, as trump and Parson have done, won’t improve either data set.

As for the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the death toll? Yeah, you’re right. Why bring that up when we have a November election to win.

Tone deaf. What a disgrace

Define “safely.” What are you doing to ensure adequate testing when businesses reopen? Or are you suggesting we just go about our lives like it’s 2019?

Man.. I bet that’s pretty easy to do when you get federal funding for your business through the PPP program..

It’s time to safely stick our collective heads inside the lion’s mouth. Is that what you mean?

How do you plan to open up “safely” with inadequate testing and contact tracing capacities?

Much of this could have been avoided or lessened with competent leadership.

as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in our state?

Define “safely” and provide your evidence.

Vicky and the party of Trump want death panels. SAD!!

If you think we can just ‘open up’ (esp right now) you don’t understand this virus, disease progression, or the ripple effects otw.

Criminal says what?

You first.

I have news for you. A majority of us don’t feel that you and @POTUS give a damn about keeping us safe. So relaxing restrictions isn’t going to be the silver bullet. #testing #tracking and #isolating is the key. Until process in place I am going to #StayAtHome

This could have been prevented if trump did his job!

Can’t do that without testing

You need to solve the public health problem before you can solve the economic problem

You work (?) Safely away from a crowded office space. Safely ensconced in your secure little world .when was the last time you rode a packed bus .. Worked with the public 8 hours a day?

After experiencing the longest period of job growth in US history beginning in June 2009, we’ve now lost a staggering 14.6 million jobs under the leadership of @realDonaldTrump.

The experiment of electing a reality television personality has failed spectacularly.

Donald Trump (r) had a lot of help.

Blood on your hands you corporate puppet, you flabbergasting despicable excuse of how, I even hesitate to type the word, of how a real leader should act. I imagine the lowest and you somehow manage to dip below it; shame on you.

You’re literally talking about killing or sickening millions of people just because keeping them safe would hurt pocketbooks.

Boy, am I glad I’m going to try and vote you out in November.

What is your plan to safely reopen the economy again?

There is no plan.

Underpants Gnomes’ business plan:
Step 1. Collect underpants.
Step 2. ?
Step 3. PROFIT

It’s your fault for not leading and instead being a perennial ass kisser

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].