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Bill Blazejowski: “What if you mix the mayonnaise in the can, with the tunafish? Or… hold it! Chuck! I got it! Take live tuna fish, and feed ’em mayonnaise! Oh this is great.”

Yesterday, from a right wingnut media grifter:

Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii
I do not understand how our hospitals can handle 670,000 flu cases every year, but a few thousand COVID-19 cases overwhelm the system.

We have been dealing with massive flu outbreaks for decades.

To me this is all part of the hype.
7:27 AM · Mar 21, 2020

A response he might be able to understand:

kilgore trout, stonks autographer @KT_So_It_Goes
I do not understand how mcdonalds can serve two billion hamburgers every year but when I order five million at the drive thru it overwhelms the system
3:45 PM · Mar 21, 2020

Nah, probably not.

Some of the other responses to the first Tweet:

In fairness, there’s a lot you don’t understand.

But it’s because if you go to the hospital with COVID-19, you will require much more intensive care than if you go to the hospital with the flu and healthcare workers are vaccinated against the flu.

I know it is impossible for stupid people to understand why they’re stupid, but GOD you’re stupid.

Perhaps talk to an expert rather than kissing the mirror and you might figure out why you’re stupid. But I know – youre too stupid to know you need to talk to an expert.

You could’ve just stopped with “I do not understand ” because it’s very obvious how your ignorance is a suit you wear proudly.

Because you’re an idiot. Those 370K-670K flu hospitalizations span 5 months. And C19 cases are *on top* of that. Further, no one is immune to C19 and 20% of cases require hospitalization. Do the math. Left to run its course, it could be 320M x 20% = 64M potential patients. See?

Sure, happy to explain, Bill. COVID19 is at least 30x more lethal than flu. People that die from it first require hours and days of intensive care, as do the people who survive.

Right now 1/5 patients who are COVID positive are sick enough to need hospital admission. It is uncommon for people with flu to get sick enough to need admission let alone ICU care. Also flu is not as contagious so we see cases spread over many months instead of all at once.

Ah yes, media hype.

That’s why in Italy the military is collecting coffins because the morgues are overwhelmed.

That’s why all those air carriers grounded 90% of their planes.

That’s why borders are closed.

Because of media hype.

Despicable grifter.

Because those flu patients aren’t in the hospital all at once, and if they’re hospitalized, have a much lower risk of needing intubation/ventilation.

Are you trolling, or genuinely opining on a topic you appear to know virtually nothing about?

It might be faster to just list the things you do understand

We can explain it to you but we can’t understand it for you

When I see something this dumb, I think maybe I was too harsh on Gigli

I would tell you to zip it, but you don’t understand zippers either.

It just doesn’t make any sense! And like, it’s ridiculous that the soil can absorb ~32 inches of rain every year, but we get just eight inches in a couple hours and suddenly there are severe floods! The world is just so illogical!!

I drink hundreds of glasses of water per year and yet I threw up after drinking a mere 40 glasses today.

^Do you see the issue or should I find smaller words?

I’d say there’s a lot you don’t understand, you cabbage.

It goes on and on…