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Rep. Hannah Kelly (r) tried to get into a social media fight with candidate for Attorney General Elad Gross (D).

Representative Hannah Kelly (r) [2019 file photo].

Hannah Kelly @HannahKellyMO
Republican supermajority said YES TO 40 Million in the supplemental budget 2 fight #coronavirus.Going into Session is not contingent on the absence any 1 member.We are all praying for the swift health recovery & return of Rep. Runions. @BigElad needs to stop with the politics.
4:53 PM · Mar 21, 2020

That’s “pro-life” for you. How many people in Missouri? What’s the latest prediction of the COVID-19 infection rate, maybe 50%? Do the math.

Some of the responses:

$7 million from State

Elad Gross: $7 million that was already allocated for emergency response efforts.

These folks are trying to play our state in the midst of a pandemic. We cannot afford this.

Yes your not the one being dishonest. It’s just nuts how they spin.

Legislative staffer: It is a little ironic @BigElad saying no more playing politics while playing politics and spreading false information. He could have argued about the amount. But in fairness probably didn’t do his research. #FeelBetterRunions #MoreImportantThings

More important things? The General Assembly was elected to serve the people. If it can’t find a way to do so during any type of emergency, then what purpose does it actually serve? If you can’t, then step aside for someone who can and will.

Elad Gross (D) [2020 file photo].

Elad Gross: [….] I rarely ever talk about the parties, but this is absolute crap.

Rep. Runions deserves more than our well-wishes. He needs us to be responsible, protect him, and protect all of the people of our state.

A friend of mine is on a ventilator right now. We deserve better.

Elad Gross: $7 million is STATE FUNDS we have now.
$33 million of FEDERAL FUNDS is a made-up number hoping that we get it.

The Governor agrees we need emergency funding NOW!

Because of this failure, we need to bring #Coronavirus-exposed reps back to Jeff City!?

I try very hard to be nice and polite but I’ve had it.
You are failing the people of Missouri.
You and the Governor with his inept, pathetic excuse for a Director of health have done virtually nothing to avert this crisis.
Hospitals are all ready begging for assistance.

You have abdicated responsibility to Mayors and thank God for them.
Why am I Tweeting this?
Because when the death toll mounts there needs to be a record of what you didn’t do, of how you didn’t lead, and of how your inaction resulted in harm to Missouri.
Shame on you.

Why is it too much to be fully honest?

Missouri is going to lose many, many people because of you. People will lose jobs and homes; families will be broken up because of you.

We will not forget.

Politics got us into this disaster and politics is going to get us out. No shame in talking about the next election. I wish it were tomorrow.

Hannah Kelly is a liar.

There’s about to be a lot of blood on your hands. Absolutely disgusting.

This made me feel nauseous. I hope this makes Hannah feel nauseous.

Here’s a hat for you & your @gop so-called “super” majority…of [….]

This isn’t the time for politics! That time was last week when the “liberal media” was spreading a hoax! Amirite @HannahKellyMO?

Not nearly enough. More medical supplies are urgently needed, and people will have their livelihoods ruined and/or die because of a your refusal to do all you can. Don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back.

@gop are #UnfitForOffice #UnfitToLead #ResignNow

@HannahKellyMO The bare minimum you could do. #NoMedals #TrumpPandemic

I wonder why when Republicans are called out now their claim is, but, but, you’re wrong, it’s so very benign.

Tragic for our country when partisan politics were never an issue and now it’s every single one!

Your the one who needs to stop with the politics. You did the bare minimum, you agreed to take federal money. That’s it. Why do you Republicans have to lie all the time?

33 million of that was just taking the federal money. Once again, don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back. You voted down a reasonable package of 87 million that would have helped healthcare with desperately needed supplies & equipment NOW.

Lol most of that was just accepting federal funds. What about the $87M you voted down for healthcare/medical needs? OUR HOSPITALS AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS NEED HELP NOW!!!

You voted down an 87 million packge that included healthcare! What are you bragging about?

If you’re not going to seriously help, STFU. We see your record you idiot.

They’re not buying it.