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Probability approaching zero.

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

Today, from Roy Blunt (r):

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
House Democrats can’t bring a half-baked case to the Senate and expect us to make something of it. These are two of the weakest articles of impeachment you could possibly have.
10:52 AM · Jan 30, 2020

There was much hilarity in the comments:

So why don’t you allow witnesses to debunk their case? What should we not hear from the national security advisor Bolton under oath?

Then that just means you’re willing to sell your soul for a very low price, Rubles Roy.

82% of the public demand witnesses. We won’t be quiet about it.

I am your constituent, and I want witnesses. In fact, 75% of Americans want witnesses. You know who doesn’t? Trump. Innocent people want eye witnesses to clear their name. The guilty want them gagged.

Witnesses Roy. Your constituents are demanding witnesses! Why are you ignoring your constituents?

You have to wave a fistful of $100 bills to get Roy’s attention.

It’s really pretty simple, Roy. You, Josh, and Donnie think its okay for the POTUS to have a foreign country (widely seen as corrupt) to interfere in US elections and to investigate American citizens. Hope that Helps. We’ll remember you in 2022. [….]

I saw that you got a shout out from Trump yesterday. Good for you. And all you had to do was lick his testicles.

There’s not enough bleach in the world.

Good Ol’ Cash n’ Carry Blunt, the perfect lackey for Trump and Moscow Mitch. He can’t carry an honest tune but he warbles like a canary to make his masters happy. Blunt is bad for Missouri, bad for the nation.

Of course! Deny them access to the relevant information/testimony then cite lack of relevant information/testimony as justification for a glaringly obvious, partisan conclusion.

It’s not a trial if there aren’t witnesses

You corrupt, covering up sycophant. Those who cover up crimes are criminals too. I am a constituent and I will do everything in my power to see you voted out.

I want to hear from the witnesses! This president must not be allowed to be a dictator!

Call witnesses and let America decide then.

Roy Blunt has chosen to work to protect trump 24/7 over working for MO.He will spend the rest of trump’s Presidency working and lying for trump. Every day more will come out and new scandals and Roy will spend all of his time working to defend trump.

I disapprove of the job you are doing. I am your constituent.

Call the witness and vote to release the documents. Call for Trump to testify.
So you are going to vote no on both to spite the House Democrats? The majority of Americans want to hear the witnesses. You represent the people of Missouri. Not Trump

80 percent of Americans want to hear Bolton testify. This is a trial. All trials have witnesses. This what Americans want. Let Bolton testify!

It’s not half-baked when it’s all true and you’re unwilling or scared of Trump to do the right thing. Vote for witnesses and stop fucking around.

I have been on a jury. There were witness. There was evidence. Do you work for the people of Missouri or the President’s defense team? The President is accused of misusing our tax dollars. Why don’t you want to know the truth? #ShowMeWitnesses

Think of it this way: Trump has been impeached. A healthy majority think he abused power and obstructed Congress. The trial is about whether Republican Senators want to be accomplices. It is you who are on trial. #Coverup #ObstructionOfCongress #WeWantWitnesess

And you are the weakest Senator… sadly, I voted for you in 2016, but I can do something about that in 2022. Trust me, you vote to acquit and MO voters will remember !!

I am in your constituency and want witnesses and documents anything less is a coverup by you.

You’ve failed, Senator.

You’re planning to endorse illegally impounding military aid to a vulnerable ally to coerce them to announce a sham investigation to interfere in our elections and then deny congressional authority to investigate?

Sooo… you’re all in on unaccountable dictatorship, then.

Weaker than lying about a blow job? When 75% of Americans want witnesses, I guess that really doesn’t matter. Don’t worry, the truth is going to come out and you and your complicit and corrupt GOP ilk will be standing on the wrong side of history.

you’ve done your best to keep it impossible to bring the facts to light. But just remember, you’re setting precedent.

And the information is still going to come out. They can fool themselves into believing if they don’t allow Bolton to testify, they will have buried the evidence but that’s just not reality.

It’s shameful and the greatest betrayal that you are choosing to fight for a criminal to have unlimited and unchecked power instead of fighting for our sovereignty. What a disgrace.

So you do want witnesses in the Senate? Good to know! Let’s see you get on board with calling some to testify, Roy!

Sarcasm, eh.

Senator, you & fellow GOP senators are the real risk to democracy, not the corrupt & guilty President. When you vote to acquit, you destroy the ability of Congress to be a co-equal branch of govt and elevate Trump to King. #CorruptGOP

Yeah, except for all the times he and his staff admitted it. On television. In front of millions. Except for that, right, #RublesRoy?

You’re being delusional Senator Blunt. The evidence is there to support it, how can you sit back and allow this to happen? I mean if a democrat did half the stuff Trump has done you a the GOP would be screaming impeach or “lock her up”.

So calling out traitorous acts is half baked? Grow a spine, Roy. Do the right thing! #WeWantDocuments #WeWantWitness

How long do you think you’ll be able to get away with gaslighting the country?

You can’t participate in a whole sale coverup without consequences
Not only are the @SenateGOP choking the life out of a 243 year democracy, they have managed to mortally wound their own party.@GOP @HouseGOP @senatemajldr @GOPLeader

Putin is very proud of your loyalty to trump, Roy.

Trials have witnesses. Period. Anything else will be seen as a cover-up and Republicans will be remembered for it forever.

The State of Missouri deserves better. #CountryOverParty

Democracy is over in the United States. The Republicans have sold out the country to Trump and Putin. Democracy is over.

You’re embarrassing us, Roy. The only thing half-baked are the excuses the GOP keeps trying to run past us about why you’re going to acquit no matter what evidence you block to the contrary.

I don’t agree with your assessment. You have not been paying close attention to the facts. Witnesses and documents are needed regardless of which political party it helps.

Without witnesses you are participating in a cover-up.

And on and on.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…