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Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

This morning:

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
Soleimani led Iran’s worldwide terrorist efforts. Hopefully his death sends a message to those in control of Iran that there is a price to be paid for being the number one state sponsor of terrorism.
7:54 AM · Jan 3, 2020

Some of the responses:

Waiting for a Trump press conference today to publicly answer questions from the Press,

Europe and other allies are silent on this. This is on us. More wars on us. Great. Thank you Senator Blunt

It sends the message that you guys are easy for our sons to go to war for your interests.

No one will forget that you were Trump’s boy through all of this. You are complicit in everything that’s to come.

Have you ever, once in your life, thought?

Our all volunteer force is being used as a re-election tool. We have been in constant undeclared wars since 1991. Next you will be passing the equal rights amendment so you can draft our daughters to fill the ranks.

That’s very small government and pro life of you, Roy

Yes, @RoyBlunt, what is the plan?


But Senator, are you at all concerned that the Executive branch has overstepped Congressional authority in using military force. Know how much you cite the Founding Fathers. Even General Washington got Continental Congress approval throughout the American Revolution.

They only care about that when the president is Democrat (like when Obama wanted to bomb Syria and they wouldn’t approve and threatened impeachment if he proceeded). When it is a Republican it shows leadership and strength to act unilaterally.

Your grandsons going to head to the middle East when needed, Roy? We all know that answer, don’t we?

Wag the Dog

This was a foolish move for POTUS to make. I seem to remember something abt him bringing our troops home??

I see you really believe in this, so when do your grandkids ship out to fight Iran?

Do you support war with Iran Senator?

Trump orders secret attack in Iraq, holds press conference to explain it to the American public …
Just kidding – he heads for another hate rally in Mississippi

Many more Americans will die because of this insane president’s actions. He is merely trying to deflect his impeachment. Disgusting.

Cool. Tell me again how you’re ‘pro-life’.

If the equivalent American government official were killed by Iran, how would we respond? By backing down? Fucking idiot.