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Eric Blair should be so proud. Or, more probably, horrified.

From the Federal Election Commission [pdf]:

General Election Date: 11/08/2016
DATE: January 30, 2017 SOURCE: State Elections Offices

CA Clinton 8,753,788 Trump 4,483,810

MO Clinton 1,071,068 Trump 1,594,511

NY Clinton 4,556,124 Trump 2,819,534

Total Clinton 65,853,516 48.18% Trump 62,984,825 46.09%

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

This morning, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
This impeachment inquiry has been a political attack against Trump. This is a move started by and supported by only Democrats.

This is what happens when California and New York Democrats want to undo the decision of the 1.6 million Missourians who voted for @realDonaldTrump.
8:52 AM · Dec 5, 2019

Math is hard, high dudgeon is cheap and easy.

As usual, there was much hilarity in the responses:

You’re peddling fiction.

Just like you did on birtherism.
Just like you did promising to lower our national debt.
Just like you did promising not to support tariffs.
Just like you do on climate change.
Just like you do on evolution.

You lie. Over and over. [….]

You know better. He did it. He is immoral, indecent, and probably, illegitimate. Our great country and our democracy is under attack by him, putin, and more. He’s debilitated our State Department, along with the EPA, along with any public entity that serves our citizens. Shame.

Nice tactic Vicky. Call out those coastal “elites”. Can’t wait to be rid of you in 2020.

Nope, this is what happens when presidents are DIRTY.

Shame on you for making it political, you know better.

You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s a shame you’ve decided to choose that orange malignancy in the Oval Office over your country and your oath to the Constitution. But that’s OK. You officially won’t have to care about that oath after next Election Day anyway.

Ma’am, politics has absolutely NOTHING to do with what the Speaker is doing. Our President broke his oath to the constitution & to the American people. The evidence is irrefutable.

Wrong. It was started by the corruption of this Administraton – that was revealed and exposed.

Missouri voter here: impeach and remove.


read the transcript!

The inferiority complex is strong in this one.

The rest of the country better become the new resistance, or we will become a two state nation!! East of the Mississippi will be New York and west will be California. Theirs will be the only votes that count!

/whine Math is hard.

I can’t wait to see you at the Harrisonville Walmart so I can publicly shame you. You’ll hear me before you’ll see me, that’s for sure. [….]

Such courage you have (sarcasm). When was the last time you had a town hall in Columbia to face your constituents? Come and share with us voters your defense of extortion, bribery and obstruction of Congress. [….]

“…Subject startles easily at the sight of concerned consituents…”

We understand there might be a future open public townhall at the national anti-union chain store branch in Harrisonville.

Ummmm how many people voted against trump? Really better track up those numbers again. He lost the popular vote.

No. This has nothing to do with undoing votes. It has to do with the LAW.

Thanks for reminding us that the GOP has no interest in oversight or accountability. Given this dereliction of duty, maybe you should find another line of work.

This is about abuse of power. If you support him, you must be compromised.

What is your defense for the accusations and testimonies against him? You can’t just dismiss them all because “only democrats support impeachment.” That’s not a defense.

Your disingenuousness & lack of spine will be quite lovely to read about in the history books. Hope you’re ready for the public shaming of your family for decades to come. You’re on the wrong side of this issue and you know it. Here’s hoping that karma will be extra bitchy.

Impeachment doesn’t undo an election any more than jailing a criminal “undoes” their right to freedom. Impeachment is called for under the Constitution when a President abuses his office.

Independent voter here. I always understood the value of ideas left vs right in politics. But I don’t understand why you are protecting corruption for a president who does not value the importance of the office he holds. Continue on this path and all moderates will leave you.

Interesting. The “last straw” wasn’t the overt racism of birtherism or the Muslim ban, nor mocking a reporter with a physical disability, nor attacking Gold Star parents, nor separating children from their parents and holding them in cages…

No this is what happens when a game show host crimes in the White House.

Trump withheld aid from a foreign country to get dirt on a political rival. That’s Bribery. This isn’t the Democrats doing, this is trump and his crooked administration.

“I need you to do us a favor, though.”

No this is what happens when Republicans stand up for Republicans and not the United States, you will NEVER receive my vote again for anything.

The only New Yorker responsible for Donald Trump’s malfeasance is Donald Trump.

No, this is what happens when someone actually has the balls to stand up and protect the constitution against high crimes and misdemeanors. Trump’s a crime boss and you’re a family member.

It’s all about abuse of power, obstruction of justice, the rule of law and upholding the Constitution, which was part of your oath of office. Get a clue or resign.

This impeachment is a slap in the face of every little city in rural America who voted for @realDonaldTrump. Democrats who live in big cities desire to rule over all. It’s past time for a Civil War or Breakup of the USA into 3 or 4 Autonomous Republics.

That there’s a real patriot. Good luck on your own, sucker. Until the revenues generated by the citizens of New York and California to subsidize those other states disappear, right?

Bullshit. I’ve voted against you in every single election you’ve run. I knocked on doors, put up signs. Every day you dismiss half the electorate of this state like you’ve got some kind of carte blanche to enact their corporate bought and paid agenda. You are the worst.

Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? Or is that on purpose?

We’re gonna go with a “no” on the first one.

Trump is a criminal – and so are you for being his accomplice

Even Republican voters have Trump fatigue


Let us be clear about this Vicky, you support a criminal and a traitor.

The election you and your party are vaunting was objectively attacked by a foreign power to help donald trump win.

I don’t see the will of 1.6M Missourians, I see the will of Vladimir Putin.

“Make America Great Again” – in Russian.

You’re on the wrong side of history and are spouting a false message.

Why are Republicans parroting Putin propaganda & disinformation? Why don’t Repubs defend Constitution? Your oath was meaningless. You know if a Democratic president had done any ONE of the things 45 has done, you’d impeach.

“Россия” (Russia) – a variant of the Russian presidential flag.

You believe a President can never be impeached because it would be “undoing” the decision of certain voters?

This conflicts with the express terms of the Constitution which mandates Impeachment for Bribery, Treason, or High Crimea and Misdemeanors.

No one is above the law.

No, that’s what happens when Missourians get hustled into voting for a lifelong New York Democrat as if he’s the brand standard of the Republican Party. Y’all got bamboozled. People like you are the reason i left the party. Grow a spine and standup for what’s right.

He changed his vote registration to Florida.