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U.S. Representative Lawrence Clarifies Statement on LeDuff Podcast
November 26, 2019 Press Release

Detroit, MI – Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence (MI-14) issued the following statement in clarification of her interview with Charlie LeDuff:

“I was an early supporter for impeachment in 2017. The House Intelligence Committee followed a very thorough process in holding hearings these past two weeks. The information they revealed confirmed that this President has abused the power of his office, therefore I continue to support impeachment.

However, I am very concerned about Senate Republicans and the fact that they would find this behavior by the President acceptable.”


Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
The impeachment inquiry only highlights divides in our nation. It has prevented us from working together to deliver real results for hardworking people.

The election is 11 months away. Let the American people decide President Trump’s political future.
10:36 AM · Nov 26, 2019

The American people decided Donald Trump’s political future on November 6, 2018. Don’t you remember?

As usual, there was much hilarity in the responses:

No, Vicky, the impeachment inquiry highlights that trump is utterly corrupt and should be removed from office. Impeach, Convict, Remove! Then in November 2020, VOTE BLUE!

there is a criminal in the white house and he should be held accountable.


I decide… to impeach and remove Donald J. Trump from office.

But in the meantime u want us to turn a blind eye to the lawlessness of what he HAS done??

Sure sounds like that, don’t it?

@HouseGOP @FoxNews “Republicans hope lying will work better then their current start of defending the indefensible”

Vicky endorses trump’s crimes

It actually highlights the departure from truth and consequence by all @GOP. You’d have to be a fool to believe a word from @potus or any republican. Have a nice day, Vicky.

That’s the same as “bless your heart” if you live north of the river, right?

No, the highlights are that the American people are seeing the depth of corruption in our government, and not just from this administration, others also. The American people need to stand up for the constitution & hold even Presidents accountable, impeach and set the example.

That is not a defense.

– the gov’t has been divided since 2010
– trump & the GOP have made it worse
– 200+ bills waiting for
@senatemajldr to act

Got caught in the act. Withholding military aid in exchange for a personal favor is bribery (aka quid pro quo). Aid was released when the coverup scheme blew up

A crinimal potus who likens himself to Jesus Christ, compromises our national security and believes he is above the law, is what’s dividing our nation. My question is why doesn’t this bother you?

Lol. Nope. Trump for prison.

How about we respect rule of law and punish those not following it? Crazy idea, huh?

Where is your responsibility in check a branches abuse of power?

No. Goddammit. He is corrupt and I’m sick & tired of the GOP pretending he is not. His entire entourage are corrupt. Most have had to resign because of ethics violations. Others have gone to prison. This corrupt administration is insufferable. What happens when he defies SCOTUS?

by that time, it’ll be too late. Just watch.

“It has prevented us from working together.” SERIOUSLY? Are you high??? They have committed crimes!

That is a fatuous argument.

@realDonaldTrump is accused of cheating on the last election and attempting to cheat on the next election. Are we guaranteed that he won’t still try to cheat? No.

He can’t be trusted. Let the investigation finish, and probably #ImpeachAndRemove.

Had to look that one up. Heh.

this from the party who said “we’re going to make sure Obama is a one-term president”

working together, it seems is convenient when your party is on the defense


But, maybe their base is.

This is always your answer except if you had the chance to put another justice on the court your mantra would change. You continue to lie to the American people!

Please provide the name of the survey to which you are referencing? I believe the number were just released last night showing no change in the last 7 days. Naming your Source is the always best practice. Bills are moving forward to die in $ Moscow Mitch’s Graveyard.

Eat shit #welfarevicky

Well. That individual certainly has a strong opinion.

Sure vicky. Who cares if he broke the law. Nice concept

Impeachment or not, it is good to know what Trump is doing behind our backs. Who knows what else he will do to this country before the next election. Do you really want to wait that long and see the division getting even wider with more violence?

So you are saying trump hasn’t been divisive? You are saying if their is wrongdoing let it go?

Well, he is. And he’s confessed on TV.

So someone who is cheating and abusing their power, to win an election. To say that we should wait until after that election to do anything is just dumb. You know when everyone who worked on this says that he is guilty. It takes a special kind of stupid to say let’s wait.

You are an idiot. It’s about the soul of our country and holding this President and future Presidents accountable. If you do not understand that, I strongly suggest you resign immediately

Or you could stop kissing the ass of a traitor.

There is that.