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“…Pretty shot of Capitol I took tonight after voting to build the wall…”

“…We need to #BuildTheWall!…”

“…I fully support @SteveDaines call to fund government & #BuildTheWall by changing the unconstitutional 60-vote filibuster rule in the Senate…”

Now in the minority party in the 116th Congress.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2018 file photo].

Last night, via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Today the Democrat majority in the House advanced bills that fail to address our rapidly growing border problems. Their bills ignore the need for increased border security & kick the can down the road, advocating for the failed status quo that first caused this predicament.
9:24 PM – 3 Jan 2019 from Washington, DC

Oh, so now it’s “border problems” and “border security”.

Go ahead, just keep calling it the wall. You used to.

Uh, it’s “the Democratic majority” or “the Democratic Party majority”.

All in on Donald Trump’s useless obsession, eh? $5,600,000,000.00 for a tag line at a political rally seems a might bit excessive.

People aren’t buying it. Some of the responses:

Nothing like rewriting history. Until hate radio spoke up, this was what was agreed to.

Led by “Madam Speaker” Wasn’t this a bill already supported by 90% of the Senate?

What happened to fixing health care costs?

Awesome. Good to know they’re doing what we elected them to do. Welcome to checks and balances during the Trump Administration.

Bitter Vicks?
Better get use to it, oversight is here!

I’m really, really glad you guys are only getting 80% of what you want for a while.

When we get a few more @AOC style legislators in Washington, it’ll be even tougher for you.

How many years has our Sovereign Republic survived without these particular big sections of wall?

Are we CERTAIN this is a necessity?

Don’t like being on this side do you

If it was THAT big a deal, why didn’t you and your fellow then-majority hypocrite Republicans do something about it during Trump’s first two years?

We don’t have a “rapidly growing border problem.” Net immigration from Mexico is zero. Enforcement is up. Illegal crossings are down.

You’re so scared of brown people.

Your party controlled the house, senate and presidency for 2 years and you failed. This is all on you and how pathetic the GOP governs.

Dang…not one original thought. You controlled the govt. for 2 years and still couldn’t do it. Stop the blame game. What are you getting from POTUS to be his mouthpiece? You sure didn’t think up this tweet yourself.

Republicans had control of the house and senate for 2 years and you failed to get anything done. You only have yourselves to blame. Stop whining about the Democrats. Open the gov and then realize that Americans do not want the stupid wall.

You had the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, the Executive Office…POTUS, for TWO YEARS! Now your hair is on fire over legislation you could have, (and, quite frankly, already did pass on a bipartisan basis)! We are watching! We aren’t stupid!

You’re part of the Republican-run Congress that started this shutdown by catering to baby-tantrum Trump.

At least Democrats are working to reopen the government unlike you and some of your racist supporters in Missouri.

You are such a hypocrite!!! Seriously how can you look yourself in the mirror??

Seriously, @RepHartzler?
The Dems have the House not even a full day when you @GOP had control of it for two years and it’s their fault?
Shut the hell up.
You suck at spin.

Welcome to the House minority party for the next two years.


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