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“Who’s going to pay for the wall?” “Mexico!”

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2018 file photo].

Early today on Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
We need to #BuildTheWall! I’ve visited the border & seen the danger. Cartels are bringing billions of $ of drugs across our open border which come to our communities & kill our kids. This must stop! #SafetyFirst #FundTheWall
4:31 AM – 19 Dec 2018

Much hilarity ensued. Some of the responses:

So many untruths in this tweet, I don’t know where to begin. I will just say #LiesMatter!

Sending you thoughts and prayers, Vicky. I love how you can so adamantly support a border wall because of “kids,” but you haven’t supported efforts to reduce gun violence where children are victims.

I was told Mexico was going to pay for it. Maybe we should ask the Chinese, they’re already paying for our Agriculture Stimulus.

I’m pretty relieved I don’t live in your district anymore. This is just a bad faith tweet.

Use taxpayer funds judiciously by improving border security not by wasting $ on a wall.

So, by visiting there you are an expert?? Do you have drug cartel $ figures from a legitimate reliable source? (We remember your marijuana study claims). Walls are outdated, check Into stepping up border security by investing in technology options such as car scanning machines

A wall isn’t going to actually stop the cartels. This isn’t the 1600’s (and walls didn’t really work all that well then either). But hey, since we have so much extra money just sitting around doing nothing, why not. #FiscalConservativeNOT

YOU are part of the problem. Why do you swallow and promote this crapola? All reasonable people are for border security. None believe that a physical wall is the answer.

And isn’t Mexico supposed to pay for this wall or as Sarah Sanders said POTUS will find money from other agencies that is not taxpayer funded. Which ones are those by the way. When was the last time Trump visited the border?

Best way to stop the cartels is stopping your support for them through the drug war.
#decriminalize #legalize #freedom

Fearmonger. You should be ashamed.

Stop the fear mongering- u know this is not true.

The drugs will continue coming as long as Americans are buying. No wall will prevent that. Please don’t waste our tax dollars. We have looked at the problem and it is US!

Is it worth shutting down the government?

Whatever sycophant.

If only you gave a shit about the 40,000 gun deaths and daily mass shootings.</blockquote

Trump is backing down from building a wall now he wants an artistically steel slats fence. Is Vicky going to pay for the fence or is Mexico. A $25 ladder will solve your $25 billion dollar wall/ artistically steel slat fence. Vicky loves spending taxpayers money.

Are we gone build a wall around the drug dealering corporations manufacturing and distributing opiates to our kids? Or is that just for the nonwhite drug dealers?

What’s it like being pure evil?

you are on the wrong side of history

Oh please. You’re insane.

We’re not buying what you and Trump are selling. Our nation has a record debt, and the last thing we need is an ineffective, 5 billion-dollar border wall!

If this is all about illegal drugs, there is not a physical wall of any length or height to stop providers world-wide (not just south of the US border) from supplying the apparently insatiable demand. Stopping/limiting demand is the only defense/cure.

I LIVE on the border and can tell you that you’re full of fear-mongering sh*t.

Seems to me the threat of thousands of your constituents losing their healthcare (especially those with pre-existing conditions) is a bigger threat than this, yet “crickets” on healthcare. FYI lack of healthcare kills our kids too.