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“…Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings…” – Article I, Section 5, United States Constitution

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) is all the way in for Donald Trump’s (r) wall and government shutdown.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

This afternoon via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
I fully support @SteveDaines call to fund government & #BuildTheWall by changing the unconstitutional 60-vote filibuster rule in the Senate. The American people gave us the Majority. We need to quit squandering this opportunity to fulfill their wishes. #MajorityRules
8:04 AM – 21 Dec 2018

“…The American people gave us the Majority…” The American people gaveth and the American people tooketh away in case you hadn’t noticed.

Much hilarity ensued in some of the comments:

As a Missourian and business owner, I do not want my tax dollars going to some stupid wall that Trump said Mexico would pay for. Missouri roads are terrible, we haven’t fully funded education in years, and yet you want to waste our tax dollars.

While studying the Constitution you might need to be studying Amendment 25. It might be coming soon.

Merrick Garland … ring a bell?

Will you still be singing this song when ( and they will) Democrats gain control and Medicare for all is the vote? Have you ever heard be careful what you wish for? Or is changing the rules to fit your agenda your plan? Doesn’t seem very constitutional!

Things aren’t unconstitutional just because you don’t like them, Congresswoman. You don’t get to silence half of America based on partisan politics.

Besides, I’m surprised that you’re so willing to strip the minority party of power considering the spot you’ll be in next year.

Well, she is in the House, not the Senate.

Please explain your rationale for citing this as unconstitutional. It seems to me that there’s no requirement either way except for a limited list. Perhaps you’re thinking of the cloture rule instead. But do remember, what goes around, comes around.

U support sinking $5 billion into #GOPWall when there is a deficit? What will be cut for #GOPWall? Meanwhile, Missouri schools are not fully funded as well @MoDNR cannot do their job due to lack of funding. Is lack of funding new @GOP platform?Expenses cannot exceed Income.

Quit squandering this opportunity? That train left the station a long time ago. This administration and the house majority have been one big squandered opportunity. That’s why Americans voted for a new majority.

I don’t think you have even read the constitution. Secure the border using modern technology not some draconian wall. You’re blind loyalty to a man that thumbs his nose at the constitution daily is pathetic.

Don’t use my tax $$$ to fund your racist wall. What happened to the promise Mexico would pay for it?
Oh yeah, more #TrumpLies .
It’s becoming increasingly clear, who trump & his minions are indebted to and it’s most certainly not the American people.

What you believe in is dictatorship. BTW how much money did you make on the latest farm bill.

You sure didn’t think there was anything wrong with it before. Pathetic.

Yeah. Saying everything I don’t like is unconstitutional isn’t how the Constitution works. In fact it isn’t even a constitutional matter. But you know your followers, facts don’t really matter.

This wall should have each of your names on it, so when the American People tear it down, we can remember the fiscally irresponsible people who capitulated to a president ignorant of our Constitution and beholden to foreign dictators.

Lol unconstitutional. Maybe you should read federalist papers and take a class on constitution. You do a disservice to congress when you lie. If I’m wrong please explain.

This has to be your all time dumbest Tweet and that is saying something. You seem like you are tweeting while using marijuana. There is a very good reason for the 60 vote rule and it’s not unconstitutional as you state. Maybe you didn’t learn this with your teaching degree. Dumb

The American people didn’t give you the majority, gerrymandering and racist voter suppression did, so shut up about the stupid wall

God, you are horrible.

The American people took your majority away! You are a horrible person.

With all due respect, Congresswoman, you suck. And not in like a harmless “oh she just gets confused now and then” kind of way. Like in a way that you just suck at representing people and having common sense and not being a complete hypocrite. Merry Christmas, though.

Anything to get your way. Kinda like a bunch of spoiled brats. #shutdown #NotGoodAtHerJob

You are a disgrace to the people you claim to represent (NOT) and all Americans. You are as culpable as that traitorous foreign agent occupying the White House.

That’s not going to happen & U look like fools stating that. Cheaters & scammers that don’t like following the rules are always trying to move the goal posts. Mitch McConnell would never allow that change…….wonder if Mitch even wants a fricken wall. 70% of Americans do NOT!

#MajoriyRules? Are you now calling for #Trump’s removal? @HillaryClinton got more votes.

You’re an enemy of the #American People. For the good of the country, please resign.

Huh….. @RepHartzler supports denying services to the folks of #MO04 who need it the most.
You truly show your teabagger colors. What a “fine” representative you are. @ReneeHoagenson was the better choice.

Good lord you are an idiot.

And by killing the filibuster, this would allow an easy passage of a bill to protect Mueller. Didnt think of that did you? No, because you are an opportunistic grifter. Fuck off Miss Vicky.


They’re obviously not buying it.


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