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Eric Greitens (r) [2016 file photo].

Just go away.

Look, you can afford to walk away. One of those billionaires you know could be good for any right wingnut welfare you’d get for being on the letterhead and not showing up at your office at a cleverly named D.C. beltway propaganda concern.

Instead, be with your family. Tinker in your garden. Work out (it’ll make you feel better). Write a book about your experience. It’ll sell. Your base will plunk down good cash for something like that. Make motivational speeches. There’ll be a market for your individual, though not quite uncommon, perspective. Even if you end up serving time.

What you shouldn’t do is feel entitled to remain as Governor of Missouri. We read the report [pdf]. Oh yes, it’s credible. Five Republicans and two Democrats on the Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight heard the testimony, reviewed the documents and evidence, wrote the report, and signed it.

We read the report. No person should treat another that way. Ever.

Just go away. But, you won’t, will you? Because you’re that much of an arrogant narcissist. Which is what got you into this trouble in the first place.

As an obvious understatement we would call that a disqualifying character flaw.

You probably still believe that you’ll be president. The sad thing for everyone else is that you’re probably right. The bar is so low these days.


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