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The U.S. House of Representatives is not in session.

Today, from Mark Alford (r):

Congressman Mark Alford
[November 20, 2023]
The Senate is failing to do its job.
It has not passed emergency aid for Israel.
It has not taken up the individual appropriation bills the House has passed.
Why won’t the Senate move forward with the business of the American people and stand with Israel?

Some of the responses:

No one to blame for stalls but the House Republicans.
Ridiculous how you blame everyone but the the obvious guilty.
Way to distract from House mess.

Now tell us why, Mark.
The Israel bill doesn’t include funding for Ukraine. It also cuts funding to the IRS. You knew the bill would face opposition when it got to the Senate.
The individual appropriations bills all have contentious points in them. You knew the bills would face opposition when they got to the Senate.
Enough with the finger-pointing, Mark. Compromise. Find common ground. THAT’s your job.

That’s pretty hilarious coming from a Republican member of the House. If you are going to point fingers, start with yourself.

And you are on TV telling people that someone is not doing there job.

How long did it take House Republicans to even elect a new speaker?


Congress must close the border impeach the Head of DHS and drastically cut spending ASAP. Period!

yeah, boy that border lol! [….]

Wait, wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for a wall?

“The Senate is failing to do its job.” – Mark Alford In other news, the U.S. House is not in session for 12 days for the Thanksgiving Holiday. No irony there.

Well, 11 days, but we get your point.

Congressman Mark Alford actually it is on you and your House wackos! You know the right wing House wackos that you’re a member of? The Bill that you passed was crappy! You cut IRS funding for what? That reduces the chances that tax dodgers get caught and the last time I looked, we have less revenue coming in to the government! Why don’t you work with Johnson and get a comprehensive Bill passed, rather than the piecemeal garbage legislation that you tout? Oh, and is the humanitarian assistance that was left out a bad thing? You call yourself a Christian, but you’re obviously NOT!

Mark Alford (r) [2023 file photo].