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On right wingnut gaslighting:

Piper For Missouri
[November 18, 2023]
MAGA folks released the clips that they want the public to see from January 6, but here’s the problem: we watched it live.
Most of us have also read 1984…

Uh, they may have read 1984, they just don’t understand it.

Some of the responses:

I watched it from the very start of opening remarks until it was certified in the wee hours of January 7th.
One of the most shameful days in US history. And the people that supported that, should be shamed as well.

Unfortunately this revision of history effort is effective: see also propaganda from the Nazi and Cold War eras.
We need to avoid any amplifying of their videos – even to debunk them. Best to counter their mistruths with the truth whenever possible.

The right has gone all in for fascism and authoritarianism because they believe they are infallible…..what a farce.

People have smart televisions, Roku dongles and other ways to watch video.
Anyone who watched the events of that day saw exactly what happened. Try as they might, the Right can’t hide that truth!

I often wonder if the folks referring to the present political situations as “Orwellian” have ever read anything by Orwell. “1984” isn’t the only terrifying book by Orwell. “Animal Farm” shook the 11 yo me when I read it. I see the elements in that book on so many levels in today’s world.

I wish these turds would leave office.

They are delusional traitors. Trying to claim it was no big deal. It was treason.

No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot. Mark Twain

OK, next they should locate the “ghost buses” full of FBI operatives dressed in MAGA gear and take them on a nationwide road tour. ~ How do they not realize how utterly ridiculous they are looking? The lack of self awareness is astounding!

“…The lack of self awareness is astounding!” Right wingnuts consider that a feature, not a bug,

Jess Piper (D) [2023 file photo].