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Mark Alford (r) [2023 file photo].


Mark Alford
[September 14, 2023]
The Radical Left & #MSM are foaming at the mouth trying to convince Americans that THERE’S NO EVIDENCE to impeach. The evidence is as massive as all the $ Biden amassed! Do you agree that it’s piled so high he should’ve already been impeached? Let me know!

Writing in all caps is the Internets equivalent of deranged shouting, Mark. Just thought you should know that.

Responses from true believers:

I have been telling people that a year after he/Democrats cheated on the election. I was a Democrat until Obama started to change people’s minds

What is this person trying to tell us?

Absolutely! He should’ve been removed and tried for treason a long time ago. Remember when Trump called him out at the debates?! I do ! Our country has been hijacked & I’m honestly scared we’re headed towards communism.

There is Tons of evidence! The Extortion is on video for the entire world to see. The Bribery is exposed in the foreign currency transfers though 24 Shell companies to 9 Bidung family members.


The border is enough to impeach!
As an American I am tired of billions of taxpayer money going to Ukraine, just more $$ to launder

He’s as Crooked as a SNAKE!!!!

He has ALWAYS lied and cheated his way through life. He is a total disgraceful embarrassment to America. Impeachment IS long overdue (given the fact he should not even be there)!!!

Mark …. I wanna stay positive and pray for Americans during this difficult time in our history with record high inflation and destroying jobs day after day … people living paycheck to paycheck , I won’t be convinced with the Everyday rhetoric it’s time for Action ..
I truly believe that’s why Trump is leading in all the polls after the
Absurd Abuse from the Far left Grips of Power !


Yes… absolutely, so much has been revealed.

Impeach Garland and Wray FIRST!

If 5% of what I’ve heard is true, he should be impeached, in jail & waiting to be sentenced for treason.

So, how did the remaining 95% get out there? Just asking.

I’ve been following the whistleblowers testimony and various other testimonies. Very telling.

Yeah the Demorats make me sick. It didn’t bother them to tie up President Trump during his 4 years but now they say we have more important things than to investigate Joey and his family. We need President Trump back in. Americans are hurting.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check. Arraignment. Check.


Yes However McCarthy obviously didn’t until he has now been pushed into a corner and I don’t think he wants to pursue this even now He is already waffling!!!

Joe Biden (D) [2020 file photo].


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