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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday, from Josh Hawley (r):

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Senator Josh Hawley
[September 6, 2023]
Hawley Urges Postal Service to Prioritize Rebuilding Post Office Destroyed in Baring, Mo., Tornado

We go there for the responses:

Election year fluff piece – Baring has a pop. of 125, and the next post office is 7 miles away and half the homes there are now uninhabitable anyway. Resign.

How about looking into ethics violations in the “supreme” court? You’re a joke. Resign you complicit pandering lying hack.

I am sure that not having a Post office in this town is a inconvienence or a problem for the less than 150 people who live there and for many of the others who live in the area surrounding the town, and I am sure that the 15 minute drive from here to Edina will not be easy for some. Are the people able to recieve and send mail at this time? I would remind you that the Post Office is a self-funding organization, not paid for by taxpayers, and I would also remind you that Postmaster de joy, who was supported by trump when he was chosen in 2020, was noted for closing Post Offices. Finally, this tornado was about a month ago. Interesting facts. Are you running out of people to harass?

DeJoy keeps trying to dismantle and/or privatize the USPS. Republicans, and Donald Trump in particular, have launched attacks at the postal service in an attempt to disrupt and discredit mail-in, or absentee, voting.
*Thankfully President Joe Biden signed a sweeping bill into law on Wednesday that will overhaul the US Postal Service’s finances and allow the agency to modernize its service. [….]

Could you explain Section 3 of the 14th Amendment? And detail how it relates to you, directly? Considering you voted No to certifying the election. You continue to give comfort and aid to trump. You signed how many letters concerning the false election lie. You were proud to defend the 60 plus lawsuits filed by or at the behest of trump, all denied, rejected, tossed and shredded by courts. And you continue to support that one term, twice impeached, 4 times indicated, charged with 91 Felonies, has to pay a hooker for sex creature.

Let’s hope that the newly constituted Board will fire DeJoy and undo his damage. No thanks to you or any other repug.

Hawley finally paying attention to Missouri….must be an election year. [….]


Socialism! [….]

Run Joshy Run

Isnt the USPS something you conservatives are always trying to end and privatize?

What about that $240,000 you still owe this taxpayers of Missouri

What have republicans tried to do to the post office! Remind me.

Dude is a Nazi

Josh Hawley is a traitor and a coward

They have opinions.