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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo}.

Yesterday evening:

Eric Schmitt
[September 5, 2023]
No vaccine mandates. No vaccine passports. No mask mandates. No lockdowns.

Some of the responses:

I didn’t comply last time and won’t this time . If Trump is not on the ballot in 2024 i’ll vote for the constitution party candidate .


No THOUGHTS…No IDEAS…No MESSAGE…No PLANS…No NOTHING….just sitting here in DC sucking up YOUR tax dollars….Senator Eric Schmitt…

There are none of these in place now. But if the need arises again, I will wear a mask and get a vaccine passport if it will save my life or the life of others.

Hope MO schools hear your words loud and clear. Please keep a close eye on them.

What’s he going to do? Issue a harsh statement on social media?

If you actually wanted to be helpful you could petition your GOP senate colleague to stop holding up military promotions and endangering our national security.

There’s that.

Who has implemented any of these at this time? No one has made any laws taking the most precious of Republican commodities away from all citizens of the US, so you can still have your freedom to spread disease, own gas stoves, guns, washing machines and driers, cars, amd ceiling fans, or drink beer till you pass out. In fact, the only things being banned are books in schools. and that is not President Biden. Quit spreading propaganda.

No one knows the exact number. How many died from heart attack or something else and they put down Covid. It’s God’s plan when you die. How many people died from pneumonia?

Has difficulty understanding the concept of excess deaths.

We can blame William Jennings Bryan for that one.

Maybe civilization will be smarter when all these people who can’t spell virus [….] or mutation pass on

Get back to work and do something meaningful

Quit stirring the pot and get back to work. You’re wasting my money

Didn’t comply before, won’t comply if they try the scamdemic again.

No science, no critical thinking & you sure seem to want body autonomy. Let’s have a group of women vote on the control you have. Your rhetoric is so dated.

So Eric did you and your family receive the vaccine last time? Just asking for a friend.

You are spineless. It is so easy to write such words when to date none of these things have been implemented. It is so easy for you to rile up your base. But what is not easy is to take a stand against a first term Senator with no political experience who is holding up at least 250 military promotions. Not only are you and the other cowardly senators affecting the military readiness, you are affecting the lives of the families of these people. So please spare us your Covid outrage. Your inactions show you really do not care

No one is asking for them so how about stop fear mongering.
Causing a problem when there isn’t one

red meat for his followers.

Can you tell me where this is happening in 2023 in Missouri?

Dude. Who the fuxk is talking about any of that shit but your loser ass with nothing better to say but bullshit!

You better stop the executive orders and bureaucrats who are wanting to control stoves, dishwashers, gas cars and ceiling fans.
Also stop IRS’ building of an army of armed agents.
Also stop the ATF from trying to make every citizen who wants to privately sell a firearm into a criminal.
Also stop the Executive Branch from banning the transport of LPG (propane) on trains.
These people are lunatics, and we want you and Sen. Hawley to stop them from violating Constitutional rights and the Republic
Thanks for listening

Venn Diagram of Right Wingnut Orthodoxy – not complete

I’m going to hold you to your word. If the feds try coming to our state and want to override you, you better not give in! I don’t know who is in charge of your page here, but I hope you tell our AG we will never comply and he better not give in!!