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Is that what they call it in Virginia? Just asking.

Today, from Josh Hawley (r):

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Senator Josh Hawley
[August 14, 2023]
“[The Biden Admin] has opened season on the military, on our values, on the traditions of the military.”

Some of the responses:

Oh horsepuckey [….] You “armchair generals” -you and Tuber- need to just stuff it.

If the GOP wasn’t destroying the country, I wouldn’t be here.

I know, him holding up 301 personnel moves in the military is really hurting us. Oh wait, that’s not Biden, it’s someone in your party. Maybe you should work on bringing the coach to his senses if you really care about strengthening our military.

Dumb comment. Not worth a post. Unless you are Josh Hawley.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

You and Tuberville must be on the same page – you held up Defense Department nominees for a year. I guess the two of you like holding our military hostage to your demands. The GOP does not support our military or our veterans.

Biden is doing this? Tubberville (sp?) is is doing great harm to our military readiness. Unemployment is the lowest in years. What have the republicans done to support and help the American people? Passed any bills to help? Get on with helping or get out of the way.

All the economic indicators are better than they were under the Trumpsterfire and your colleagues are blocking all the military promotions. I think it’s extraordinary clear that the Republicans are causing the failures and blaming the Democrats.

I would talk to Tuberville who doesn’t even live legally in Alabama, just like your Missouri residency fraud. The economy is doing just fine.

All evidence to the contrary, Senator.

He went to one of those fancy schools.

That is pure Bull$h!t. If you believe that, you’re dumber than you look. [….]

The Republican Party, which began in the 1850s as a noble endeavor to keep the United States government intact and to rebuild it to work for ordinary people, has devolved into a group of chaos agents feeding voters a fantasy world.

There’s that.

The unemployment rate is 3.5%.
How is that destroying the economy?

Coming from a insurrectionist who attempted to help steal the election is funny as hell.