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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

Apparently, he expects a participation trophy.


Senator Eric Schmitt
[July 28, 2023]
I’m proud to have played a critical role in securing funding for our military installations in Missouri, as well as combatting the Biden Administration’s blatant attempts to infuse our military with woke DEI policies in this year’s NDAA.

Some of the responses:

Why would you be against diversity equity and inclusion? Please explain. You don’t want blacks, women or gays in the service? Just straight white males

You think minorities, gay people and “woke” individuals don’t serve? No one needs diversity education? Interesting point of view.

On July 26 some 75 years ago President Truman signed Executive Order 9981 which banned segregation in the armed forces and called for the abolition of discrimination. You are using President Truman’s desk yet you are trying to turn back all that has been accomplished since that EO. He’s probably turning over in his grave

Hmmm, that’s what people said when Blacks were allowed to serve in the military. And Women. And gays. Sad that our Missouri Senator is living in the 1940’s.

Breitbart article provides no defense of your anti-DEI stance, but it’s an interesting choice for posting.

Talk to me how you are fixing the issue with Tuberville holding up promotions for the military? I would think that would be a critical issue that needs to be resolved.

With cases of sexual assault in the military still rising, it sounds like “a wedge” is already there. Comrades in arms usually don’t sexually assault other comrades in arms.

Thank you Senator! Keep looking out for, and fighting against, the nonsense that our military is dealing with from these progressive liberals!! Stay strong! [….]

Please keep fighting the crazy liberals. White liberal women are so coocoo .

Your Awesome! Please Help Impeach Jing Jong Joe and drain the damn Swamp! It’s TIME AND you Can Do it! Get those fg Rhinos straight!