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Jay Nixon [2016 file photo].

From republicans who helped create the monster and mess in the first place:

Former Missouri Governor and Attorney General Jay Nixon Joins No Labels to Protect the Constitutional Right of Americans to Choose Their Leaders
No Labels Staff
July 29, 2023

….we have named Jay Nixon – a lifelong Democrat who spent 30 years serving Missouri as a governor, attorney general and state senator – as director of our new Ballot Integrity Project….


“At a moment when so many Americans’ are losing trust in our democracy, we need to hold even tighter to the pillars that have held our democracy up for almost 250 years. In our country, you win by persuading more people and getting more votes, not by limiting voters’ choices and denying competitors a place on the ballot,” said Nixon. “Americans have the constitutional right to put any person or party on the ballot and to vote for whomever they want. Anyone who is against that isn’t standing up for democracy. They are standing in the way.”


On July 18, No Labels launched its Common Sense policy booklet at an overflow town hall event at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., featuring Dr. Chavis, his fellow No Labels co-chairs former Gov. Pat McCrory and Sen. Joe Lieberman and special guests Sen. Joe Manchin and Gov. Jon Huntsman….


For people who are stupid enough to think that Joe Biden (D) is a socialist.

WTF, Jay?

Actual competence doesn’t matter, eh?

If you were so concerned about voter suppression, where were you when Jay Ashcroft (r) started opening his mouth?

“…America’s commonsense majority…” Never heard of the Overton Window.

Joe Lieberman and Joe Manchin? We rest our case.


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