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Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].


Mark Alford
[July 14, 2023]

Ronny Jackson
Historic news! The Jackson-Roy amendment to END the Biden administration’s ILLEGAL abortion policy was just adopted! I will never waiver in my defense of the unborn!

Quoting that doctor. Interesting.

Some of the responses/conversation:

Does this mean you are going to start having Mondays With Mark, at local orphanages? Help get the unwanted children wanted again? Approve the funding for those orphanage’s while you are at it.

who the hell would want to screw you?

no one I guess. Never been into that whole, being a billionaire simp, thing. You can bend over and have it all buddy.

Mark Alford
[….] kill innocent babies because no one wants to take care of them? That’s a sick disgusting way of looking at life


but you want to put women through risking pregnancies that doctors now have to tell them to wait because you and other Republicans have made the law so blurred as to what counts as a necessary abortion? Maternity rates just for wanted pregnancies along have increased drastically in states with same anti abortion laws because women are going through unviable pregnancies or miscarriages, and doctors are having to basically wait until the mother herself is dying before anything can actually be done.
History has shown that anti aborti9n and heavy restricted laws don’t stop abortions and only creat more illegal abortions that are much more harmful than the practice our doctors were trained for.
You and the others in your party don’t actually care about life. And sure as shit don’t care after it’s been born!

THAT is what birth control is for! Abortion is NOT birth control. EVERY baby is a blessing

Obviously hasn’t been keeping up with right wingnut dogma.

Totally ignoring the Military Troops and Leaders advice of ” By not supporting ALL of us, we are weakening the Military as a whole”.

Nobody is going to put their life on the line for Joe Biden. Put Trump back in, you’ll have more than enough people inlist.

One takes an Oath to protect the Constitution and enemies, both foreign and domestic. tRump actually created his own domestic terrorists who are paying time for their treason.
How did that pan out?
Biden has put America back in standing with our Allies and protecting against foreign terrorists.

ok dumb dumb Quit smoking crack with hunter in the WHITE house.

Spelling isn’t their strong suit either.

I just wish you cared about the living children.

This is not an abortion policy.
It is a travel policy. Allowing a soldier to travel to get legal health care not available in their location.
We medically evac family members and troops all the time to receive care not available at their location.

Mark Alford
[….]it’s called the Hyde Amendment

aware of the Amendment. DOD is not paying for the abortion.

Mark Alford
[….] paying to facilitate it