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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Senator Josh Hawley
[July 7, 2023]·
Senator Hawley: “Where is the great tradition of American nationalism? That’s what we really need to revive.”

Some of the responses:

Let me guess – you finally figured out that the world is round? Or just dog-whistling that old antisemitic trash?

It’s certainly not too nationalistic when you make up Patrick Henry quotes out of the blue. My question to you sir is this: If you indeed are all about being a good patriotic American, why didn’t you serve in the military? The US Military exemplifies all great virtues you claim for yourself. And yet, I have to call into question your honesty, integrity, and loyalty to anything other than yourself and your own ambitions and agendas.

Nationalism is just a polite word for Nazism.
We fought a war about this.

There is nothing wrong with pride in our country or protecting ourselves from economic attack by other countries. Nationalism, however, is not directed at one country, such as China, it closes our doors to all countries enemies and allies alike, and to all groups of people who do not agree with a single ideology, It is more like a child locking himself in the bathroom because his parents took away his tablet than it is like standing up to bullies. Globalism, on the other hand is like the six-year-old who stands up to the bully calling her her best friend with autism names. It takes the ability to be strong and confident as well as compassionate and willing to accept differences. I am not surprised you advocate so strongly for nationalism.

Hawley just can’t wait till he can recite the 14 words in public without worrying about his own well-being after.

Nationalism means identification with one’s own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations. If this is what you are for, you don’t have my support. After all, our trade agreements are primarily done through the WTO along with several bilateral agreements. The US has done an awful job taking China to the WTO and fighting them there on trade practices. We are a great country, but we are nothing without our allies and most are also trading partners who buy American made goods and services.

So has Mrs fist pump been disbarred yet

The GOP has an extensive history of siding with fascist ideology, and you are proving this point.

Hey Josh…if the pandemic taught you nothing else it should be that we live in a global society, this country is affected by every other country on this planet. Its global. We have a global economy. Your version of white “christian” nationalism is a page right out of authoritarianism & matches what Orban is currently brainwashing Hungarian citizens into believing & what Putin has done to Russia. Come clean Josh or will you just run away again?

Your brand of nationalism reminds me of a few that popped up in the 20s and 30s that the US ultimately crushed in the 40s because they were really detrimental to everyone.
If you want to wear a brown shirt, do it elsewhere. [….]

Where is the tradition of Republicans accepting the peaceful transfer of power?
Not in Hawley’s office.

Poor sad sick radical moron. This is someone who has no idea how to integrate rational policy, facts, and reality into a platform of objective solutions to face the world we live in today. His “American Nationalism” is some fabricated piece of a era that does not exist and will never exist again. He encourages irrational, violent, responses to a world that only exists in his head. It is not OUR reality. He is a useless tool who will support a vile, lying, rapist/racist criminal as a leader if that satisfies his disjointed, deranged view of world. NO ONE I know would go down such a radical sick path to reach their goal. This “man,” is a fraud who caved to a weak, sick, dangerous, criminal, psychopath. That is his legacy.

There you go.