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Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].


Mark Alford
[July 6, 2023]
10 steps to to achieve “Biden-omics”
1. Encourage 7 million illegal aliens to invade your country to stress law enforcement and the economy.
2. Demonize fossil fuels, shut down drilling and pipelines and cause prices to rise for food, fuel, and fertilizer.
3. Use strategic oil reserves to bring down fuel prices in order to win votes for the midterm elections, then beg foreign countries for oil.
4. Add 4.8 trillion dollars to national debt.
5. Encourage people to stay home and not work.
6. Print more money and pump into the economy.
7. Increase interest rates so people will stop spending the money you give them.
8. Drive up the minimum wage to put hardships on business owners and further drive up prices.
9. Use illegal executive orders to forgive student debt.
10. Increase inflation to 40 year high levels then celebrate when the number declines a few points.

Show your homework, Mark (r).

What pipeline(s), for what purpose, Mark (r)? We’ll wait.

Increase inflation, then decrease it? Tell us how that works, Mark (r). And yet, the rate of inflation in the United States is much lower than the rest of the industrialized world, and it’s going down. What’s your point then?

Wait, print more money, then get people to not spend it? Tell us how that works, Mark (r).

Unemployment is low, employment is high, yet people stay home and don’t work? Tell us all how that works, Mark (r).

Wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for a wall? Just asking. Do we blame Canada?

Yes, let’s talk about student debt. What was the percentage of state support for tuition at state higher education institutions in Missouri in 1990? What is that percentage today? We’ll wait.

Drive up the minimum wage? Tell us how that works, Mark (r)? You know, maybe people can get close to a living wage. Ever thought of that, Mark (r)? Tell us about the massive increases in corporate profits, Mark (r). Or haven’t you been paying attention?

Speaking of corporate profits, have you checked out big oil, Mark (r)?

How much did Donald Trump (r) add to the national debt, Mark (r)? We’ll wait.

Those votes in the midterm election? They weren’t about the price of gas, Mark (r). Here’s a hint:

“Abort the Court”