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Senator Josh Hawley
[July 3, 2023]
The new Marxists of the Democrat Party are shoving their new woke religion down Americans’ throats.

‘These new Marxists want to give America a new religion. They want to impose on us the religion of woke. It is the religion of transgenderism, critical race theory, and open borders multiculturalism – and they are shoving it down our throats. The leftist elites have proclaimed themeselves as the priests of this new religion… Here’s the problem: The country doesn’t agree with them.’

Fucking sociopath.

Some of the responses:

This post is like a parody of the former GOP. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragically sad.

Winner! This post has the highest number of dog whistles, innuendo and hate-fueled buzz words of any of the recent vagueness your underpaid staffer has written! Bravo!

Courage is something that should never be associated with Hawley. Maybe you missed the video of him running down the hall on January 6th.

wetting his pants while he ran

There’s that.

This Country was founded on Freedom, which something the Republicans are slowly but surely taking away from the American People.

What a wild quote of fear-mongering buzzwords.

[….] What in the Democratic Party is Marxist? Please give examples of democratic policies that show Marxist ideals. And then show the Marxist ideals. That should be easy since you so claim it is the truth.

Perhaps people should actually read what Jesus says about how to treat others, including sinners.
Rather than listening to false prophets and politicians pushing hatred towards others.
Its ACTUALLY the conservative Republicans and fundamental Christians who are succeeding in forcing their narrow, bigoted, hateful views on everyone else… When the groups they scorn only want to be left alone and treated like Jesus said… They are also God’s children.

This is really the most deceptive post, both in words and intentions to date. This is one of the GOP’s goals – “its okay to not be Christian (of the Government’s choice, but if you are not, then a different set of rules will apply to you.”) You must not be a real American if you are not Christian by their definition. This is not a stretch theory as the GOP controlled SCOTUS proved last week. They did something the courts have never done – they made a decision based on a hypothetical (there was no party in danger and the man’s name in the case was straight and married with kids and had no idea how his name ended up in court paperwork) and in their decision, the SCOTUS ruled that a Christian woman can legally discriminate against another protected class of people. The GOP and its policies are dangerous enough, but combined with SCOTUS, our democracy and freedoms are on the line. Who will be considered American anymore? DeSantis wants to end birthright citizenship, so you can be born here but not be automatically “American.” It’s time people took this rhetoric more seriously and less of a fad that we hope passes.

Someone should ask why would a Senator allow his staff to post this kind of divisive rhetoric the day before we celebrate our nation’s birth. Especially lies that are meant to do nothing but appeal to the base fear and ignorance of the population. Deliberately driving a further wedge into the cracks that are dividing our great republic. This is a perfect example of what is wrong with our political leadership.

Some of Hawley’s comments and those who agree with him mirror the Nazi comments when they were trying to take over Germany……that is what is really scary about Hawley and those who agree with his statements and actions.

Good God, Senator. This is one of the stupidest things you have put out. And you have put a LOT of stupid stuff out here.
BTW: the opposite of “woke” is “unwoke”, or if you prefer, ignorance.

Here’s the problem… Go look in the mirror, it’s you.
Stop using the word “woke” like some sort of scary dog whistle… and to paraphrase the great Inigo Montoya, I don’t even think you know what it means.

You have long proclaimed your own religious freedom not to have to permit those who disagree with you to have an abortion. You have also blamed the administration for ‘abusing’ Catholics by investigating a group of people who profess that religion for possible treasonous actions. Now you are doing the exact same thing to violate what YOU, yourself, define as a religion. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander and you have just proven by this post that you only want religious freedom for those who agree with you politically and religiously. You do not speak for the whole country, and never have.

Seriously, Senator. Please do better when talking about people with differing opinions than you. It is unbecoming of you to describe your fellow Americans in hyperbolic terms. It seems your main goal is to retain power by belittling those who hold opinions other than yours.

No, there are no facts to support the garbage being spewed, but it is no way just Hawley. This is the new GOP. With the help of the corrupt Supremes, they are attempting to create, for lack of a better word, apartheid, to protect their power. Creating these wedges between people creates the different tiers of freedoms people will have.

Hitler hated Marxists, commies, and socialists. You don’t have to do much reading to know that, Senator.
And religion was imposed on the people God gave this land to to begin with. The people we “Christians” almost wiped out.
Don’t you have a mob to run from?

Lol okay Yale law school guy. Tell us about the elitists! [….]

Good Lord you’re a fool. You have no actual knowledge of what Marxism really is, do you? It’s just a word you toss around at things you don’t like and don’t understand, just like your use of the term “woke”. If being accepting to the LGBTQ community, acknowledging our nation’s troubled, racist past, welcoming immigrants and embracing our nations multiculturalism, makes one a member of the woke mob, then fine, I’m woke AF. Marxism is an economic theory you fool.

F#$% #$%

the only new religion I’ve witness is the cult of Morons you seem to lead…religion has nothing to do with government or it’s governance of us mere mortals, no matter what we decide to do with regards to spirituality…GFY you putz!

Says the fascist traitor….

Up yours!

You are an idiot.

I’ve not seen one of your so called “marxists leftist” throw their fist up in solidarity to a group of white supremacy groups, anti government people ready to overthrow a valid, legal election of the POTUS when trump lost. Your support of trump’s criminal ways will always be your legacy. People died that day because trump and his republicans didn’t stop the attempted coup and instead of calling it off, trump just kept running it back and playing it again and again. CRT should be taught. Why do you not think it should be taught. They didn’t volunteer to be a slave, be beaten, give birth to their masters babies. They had horrible lives from their slave owners. So lastly, what is your definition of “woke”.

WTF? Who are these people that you are talking about? It’s just another story you’ve made up to scare your starving for hate followers.

More dog whistles from Senator Sedition

You know what? This type of talk and BS is typical of you. How you’ve ever been elected defies belief. Sniveling coward who knows nothing of duty, honor, and country.

Sounds like you are projecting again

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].