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Josh Hawley (r), victim.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
All the usual America-hating and Bible-bashing people have had their usual meltdown. Can’t handle the TRUTH
Last edited 12:19 PM · Jun 21, 2023

What are you, like twelve years old?

Some of the responses:

On the contrary. Democrats LOVE America. That’s why we don’t fist-bump insurrectionists who trash the Capitol in a violent attempt to overturn the legitimate results of an election.

There’s that.

Referring to one’s own religion as the ‘truth’ demonstrates a disconnection from reality and a disregard for the principle of separation between church and state. But go off

You’d think a “constitutional lawyer” would understand that.

Actually slavery died in a lot of places way before America. If you forgot, they had to send troops to stop slavery in some southern states 2 years after the emancipation…we just celebrated that actually.

We just identified that your opinion is morally wrong, ideologically flawed, and historically incorrect. You can have whatever opinion you want. But neither Christianity nor the United States can take the moral high ground on slavery. But sure, gaslight us.

Sounds like you have been reading Trump’s Truth Social posts

“Make America Great Again” – in Russian.

I wasn’t aware stating facts about the history of the country was considered having a ‘meltdown.’

Are you calling African American church members “America Hating” and “Bible Bashing”?

Josh never studied HISTORY.

Anyone who capitalizes truth at the end of a tweet isn’t telling it

You’re with the “fine” people who wanted to hang Mike Pence right?

Dude . . . your “truth” is a complete distortion of the U.S. I’m a life-long, white Christian and I don’t believe that our country was founded so Christianity could be the only faith practiced . . . and as far as slavery goes, there was a civil war to end slavery.

You know what, Josh? I happen to identify as a Christian… and from what I’ve seen lately, neither you nor the rest of the Rethuglican Party are true Christians. You might try reading the red passages in the New Testament for once. Otherwise, there’s no hope for you.

You seem to he having some trouble with the truth.

Slavery “died” in America because most of the western world (outside of South America) had all ready put a stop to the atrocious, Bible-backed practice of owning humans.

Don’t use the Bible as a prop.

what is your message to non-Christian Americans???

Nobody is melting down over you Josh.

Sadly, when atheists act more like Jesus than you, evangelical Republicans… It’s no wonder folks are leaving the church or maybe finding another religion

Hawley should be informed that America was one of the last western countries to outlaw slavery. At the same time, he might want to know that, in terms of religion, America’s a pluralistic society. Freedom of religion is enshrined in the Constitution to which he took an oath.

The Christianity you speak of is not the teachings of Christ. Spare us your hypocrisy.

As my dad who is a pastor would say—there was no truth in your comment.

The fact that you would even dare to declare yourself the arbiter of truth is completely and utterly laughable, you treasonous smear on humanity.

And we’re back to playing the victim again, like a girly-boi.

You wouldn’t know the truth if you tripped over it.

Nothing you said was true though

As usual the republican ignores the facts in favor of stirring up their base with Bible thumping and falsehood. Keep denying the TRUTH

America and the Bible are not synonyms. And you are not the arbiter of who loves America. WE didn’t cheer on an insurrection, which we later ran from

Only the dipshits and villains in the Bible would have voted for you.

Jesus preached against everything the modern GOP stands for.

Thanks for the reminder.

No, Sweet Pea. You were just tone deaf. And also wrong. So very wrong.

Your tweet was an exercise in bad judgment; it was poorly conceived rhetoric and wholly inaccurate, Senator.

I mean, slavery ended in Britain a good 3 to 6 decades before it did in the United States, but this is consistent with my understanding of a Republican politician’s definition of “TRUTH”

I’m Jewish. Does this make me Unamerican?

My granny always told me to watch out for the LOUD people talking about how they’re christians, coz they were always the very worst people. Watch what they DO not what they SAY they do.

She was right.

You don’t know the truth.

You’re not very good at this.

You’ve never told it, insurrectionist.

I’m Jewish how is my questioning ‘Christianity is the faith’ Bible bashing?

People of other religions live in America, Josh. You are gross.

What are you, 7 years old? You don’t love this country and you don’t know the Bible. You fascists have your usual meltdowns when confronted with the truth.

Sorry, the TRUTH

That’s quite a ratio.