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Last night, on the debt ceiling.

Voting on the rule:

H RES 456 YEA-AND-NAY 31-May-2023 4:25 PM
QUESTION: On Agreeing to the Resolution
BILL TITLE: Providing for consideration of H.R. 3746, the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023

—- YEAS 241 —

Graves (MO)
Smith (MO)

—- NAYS 187 —


[emphasis added]

Voting for the rule allows the resolution to pass.

The final vote on the resolution:

H R 3746 RECORDED VOTE 31-May-2023 9:21 PM
QUESTION: On Passage
BILL TITLE: Fiscal Responsibility Act

—- AYES 314 —

Graves (MO)
Smith (MO)

—- NOES 117 —


[emphasis added]

Yes and no, Mark (r). Such strong principles.

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

Meaningless babble:

Mark Alford @RepMarkAlford
Tonight, I have voted “NO” on the Fiscal Responsibility Act.
8:13 PM · May 31, 2023

Some of the responses:

WE KNOW the former🍊(that you still defend [….]) did NOT give tax breaks to the working poor, He gave them to the RICH.. Is THAT what you’re hoping to accomplish as a Representative Mark??? Because that’s the way you are headed. CANNOT WAIT until YOU ARE VOTED OUT.

I can’t wait until Alford and Hawley are both in the unemployment line !

You voted yes on the rules though.

He knows most of his constituents won’t see that.

Thoughts and prayers…


You should’ve stuck to reading news from a teleprompter, Mark.

Mark, you are just another MAGA Republican who is willing to see the United States default on its debt just to harm the Biden Administration.

Loud and clear – you don’t support honoring debts.

This is sad. MO needs to do better.

You are against fiscal responsibility. So sad.

As a MO constituent, you did not do what I would have wanted. You would rather put the economy in a recession and leave my mother’s ss income to be delayed. As for the 87,000 IRS agents, they were to be hired to process tax returns. You lie just like all the Republicans.

Why do you think China says: “the US government is broken”?
Is it because childish extremists would rather default the full faith and credit of the US rather than agree to a compromise?
I think it is- you’re playing right into China’s hands.

First paragraph – We have to keep up with China’s spending

Second paragraph – We need to cut our spending

Third paragraph – Other (not me) people to get spend money and that’s not fair.

Fourth paragraph – I’m trying to cut jobs

Fifth paragraph- I’m not a puppet (I’m a puppet)

Fat lot of good that did you.

Alford for default. Got it

You voted NO bc you have no backbone. You’d rather see the country go down in flames & blame the Dems instead of JUST HELPING PEOPLE. You’re afraid of China & yet you say you trust in God? You believe building up a war machine is as important as building a WALL? THAT’s NOT FAITH

You’re CHOOSING to let American kids go hungry! You’re CHOOSING for them to go without medical care! You’re CHOOSING to forget about Veterans & the elderly’s hard earned money taken for YOUR benefit..

You’re an irresponsible representative. You ran up the bill. Now pay it.

So you think sabotaging the world economy would’ve been a good thing? You need to find a new puppetmaster.

Reducing the IRS budget increased the debt because it means lower tax receipts. Hedge fund and venture capital people pay capital gains taxes on their income. The wealthy get tax deductions on private planes and yachts. Come on. Be serious.

Mark (r) missed that train a long time ago.

Such a Christian move. You and the rest of the #gop want to kill poor people, women, and seniors. #GOPwaronseniors

You voted to cut my healthcare, don’t pretend you care about veterans again.

No one’s reading all of that nonsense and your digital media team needs to replaced.

Without any irony whatsoever Mark had his staffer write some word vomit about why he’s a no vote the first line reads “After careful thought, deliberation, constituent consultation and prayer” What an absolute 🤡 does anyone believe he did any of those things?

What a piece of poop [….]! You rather see the US default and the American ppl suffer for your selfishness. You did not think about Voters and impact it will have on families and households not to receive their benefits/paycheck. Voters will not forget. #GOPClownShowContinues

Sad and pathetic but whatever I’m glad the bills will get paid without you buck passing hipocrites. You’ll be more than happy to deficit spend as long as goes to corporate greed or mililary grift.

Of course you did you useless tool. Only a fool like you would rely on ‘prayer’ to make your decisions instead of actual bona fide research.


Oooh, pass the popcorn… (May 31, 2023)