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“…Now I know he went to Yale, I think, or Harvard, one of those, one of those fancy ones…”August 17, 2017

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Or maybe, Josh Hawley (r) just slept through his classes.


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
On the debt ceiling, my view is the most important deficit we face is the trade deficit with China. Every dollar represents jobs lost (60k & counting in Missouri), industry lost, communities decimated. We’ve got to quit making China rich & get good blue-collar jobs back in USA
12:37 PM · Jun 1, 2023

A trade deficit and the debt ceiling are not the same thing. Josh Hawley (r) might not know this. Maybe he should ask for his tuition money back.

Some of the responses:

Repeal trump’s tax giveaways for the wealthy. Stop subsidizing Big Oil. Stop preventing the IRS from doing its job. There are ways to reduce the debt and deficit without crashing our economy.

Run along Josh [….]

Like all the jobs you’ve brought to Missouri?

Missouri? When did you ever care about Missourians? Loser

No one cares what you think traitor

#TaxTheRich and reverse #TrumpTaxScam

You Voted AGAINST the Infrastructure Bill & the Chips and Science Act, both of which will bring tons of good paying blue-collar jobs in the USA and to Missouri, so Your Actions say the opposite of Your Words. #LIAR

Missouri unemployment rate is under 3%. May e you’re thinking about Virginia, where you actually live.

How would you resolve a perceived trade imbalance with legislation to suspend the debt ceiling? [….]

He doesn’t know and he doesn’t care.

How is that related to the debt ceiling?

Then vote motion to vacate McCarthy.

Heh. Josh Hawley’s (r) base.

You’re a no so you can be the faux “fighter” that fights nothing. You know this will pass so you leave the dirty work of governing to others. You’re not a populist. You’re not a fighter. You’re a self promoter and the act is getting tired. Very tired.

Discretionary spending has fallen more than 40% in the past 50 years as a percentage of the nation’s gross domestic product (from 11% to 6.3%).

Josh Hawley voted no on the Chips Act…

You don’t even think enough of us to live here. Hard to think you’re doing anything more than posturing.

You don’t actually live in Missouri.

With your ivory-league education I’m sure you realize the debt ceiling is not the vehicle to address those concerns. This whole debacle has shown us who’s really there to govern & who’s there for soundbites.

We see what you did there. Sort of.

Go figure the traitor is pro-default. Resign

Hell, you don’t even LIVE in Missouri Joshy!— you RAN AWAY from there too! No Manhood award for you!!

To start, how about investing in infrastructure projects, like high speed rail and clean energy? These are the areas where China is leaving the U.S. behind. We’re not in the 19th and 20th centuries anymore. Speaking of blue collar jobs, where are you on unionization?

Take a wild guess.

Why does Missouri allow China to buy land?

You might want to ask Eric Schmitt (r) about that one.

I hope the other senators like paying our bills.

So you support the CHIPS act?

Uh, no.

That has nothing to do with the debt ceiling, you grandstanding elongated toddler

My view is you’re a stupid, corrupt son of a bitch without even the integrity to try to hide that fact.

You were a NO no matter. Nothing to be proud of that your party sent the jobs overseas to begin with you EVIL piece of shit.


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