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Attorney General Andrew Bailey @AGAndrewBailey
First it was gas stoves, then dishwashers, and now it’s refrigerators.

The Biden Administration is moving yet again to exceed its authority and unlawfully interfere in Missourians’ rights to be free from government interference. My office isn’t standing for it.
11:58 AM · May 17, 2023

What a clown.

Some of the responses to Andrew Bailey (r):

Jess Piper @piper4missouri
First it was gay folks, then child-bearing women, and now it’s trans kids.

The Missouri AG is moving yet again to exceed his authority and unlawfully interfere in Missourians’ rights to be free from government interference.

His office is totally cool with it.
2:26 PM · May 17, 2023

More responses:

[….] We don’t care Andy. We are tired of your performative lawsuits to try to further your political career instead of doing things that actually benefit Missourians. So far your focus has been harming the citizens of Missouri.

Speaking of exceeding authority and unlawfully interfering with the rights of Missourians, let me introduce you to our Attorney General, Andrew Bailey….who actually sent this tweet unironically. [….]

You’re one to whine about exceeding authority, you just got your face slapped. Wasting our money again on nothing, eh?

That’s coincidental since you were trying to tell people what they can and can’t do with their own bodies, banning trans healthcare… but you’re worried about government interference? You’re such a fraud. Maybe focus on the real issues instead of this non sense.

Now do women’s bodies

Bailey, when do you plan on doing something worthwhile for Missouri citizens & stop trying to create further division amongst its people for your own political gain?

Thank you! Keep fighting against his communist dictatorship.

Just stop!

Says the man who wants the government to have a hand in my reproductive health.

Talk about the government exceeding its authority. You want the state government to legislate women and transgenders’ bodies. I’d rather have the government involved with my appliances than my uterus. #Hypocrisy , #mogovSUCKS

No one came for my stove. No one came for my dishwasher. And no one is coming for my refrigerator.

YOU came for abortion rights. For books. Libraries. Public schools. Medical decisions.

And now you’re coming for my voice by trying to suppress my initiative petition rights.

Ok we will give you your “refrigerator freedom” if you give me back my reproductive freedom. Don’t you dare mention GOP fighting for “freedom” again.

You’re desperate for attention

What next? Uteruses?

Good grief, Andrew. Nobody came for any of those things. Quit trying to rile up your impressionable fans over absolutely nothing. Even if they HAD taken my appliances, I’d much prefer that to them taking away my actual rights as a female and as a human being. Try harder.

Honestly, the last person who should be talking to about someone else exceeding their authority.

Cool more theater from our AG to boost his personal career [….]


This is Missouri.

sounds like the same old crap eric schmitt used to pull.

Same circus, different clown.

The standards apply to NEW APPLIANCES ONLY! And it saves energy and electricity. Nobody is coming for your fridge. Why are you lying about everything [….]

please go back to the kids’ table, Andrew.

The last time I heard your name mentioned it was because you were interfering with people’s right to healthcare.

Wait, wait, I just thought of something, what’s your stance on toilets?

But you’re fine regulating women’s health care?

What are you smoking?

Thank you for standing against this blatant overreach by the #WorldEconomicForum .

Please grow up and find yourself an interest that doesn’t harm the masses.

Too late.

Yet you’re fine with government interference in healthcare and taking away rights from Americans you don’t agree with.

Can’t have it both ways, hypocrite.

They’re funny that way.

So, you don’t believe the government should regulate anything in our homes…
But, our bodies need massive regulations?
Is that about right?

Things > People.

Why do we not want to move forward? Do you remember regular gas? Asbestos? Come on. Let’s move forward instead of trying to recreate some strange notion the 50s were amazing.

Do you read what you type before you hit send?

Evidently not.

Seriously, does anyone believe this?
I don’t know anyone who has had the Appliance Police come to their home.
I do know people who no longer have bodily autonomy.
Which do you think most people care about Andrew?

You seem pretty cool with interfering with our healthcare and basic human rights. No one is worried about refrigerators. You sound ridiculous!

Thank you so much for doing this and helping Missourians! We can’t afford to just get up and buy a new refrigerator, freezor, dishwasher, dryer and washer, or A.C. Thank you @GovParsonMO for choosing Andrew Bailey. You made the right choice.

Yes, there are people on this planet who are that stupid.

Please get out of Missouri’s pants before you talk about government overreach.

There’s that.

So tired of Biden admin trying to lay the foundation for a better tomorrow for my kids. Things should always suck forever. Why is that so hard for libs to understand? Improvements are un-American! Appreciate you doing your part in the revolving door of worthless MO AGs.

You waste so much of our time and money. JFC.

[….] setting up new standards for appliances moving forward that are more cost efficient for their owners and better for the environment does not do anything to any of the shitty appliances you already own. Stop with the fake culture outrage. We are all tired of it.

Thank You please keep telling Biden to stay out of my life as a Missourian. And please continue to stand up for kids of Missouri born and unborn just as the bible says.

Interesting. Does the Bible say anything else?

Yes because clearly Missouri is the beacon of freedom…good lord. These republicans will do anything to distract you from their true agenda as they usher that state into fascism.

Missouri voters – either stop falling for this nonsense or embrace your future as a dystopian state.

Too late, we’re already there.

Another grifter using taxpayer dollars to fund his election campaigning.

Is this sarcasm? You interfere in individuals’ health decisions, ban books, and destroy reproductive rights — but reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lower consumer costs — that you’re against? Nobody is taking anyone’s appliances; this is fomenting conflict where none exists.

Complete horseshit.

it’s just amazing, seeing the sheer festering intellectual dishonesty from the man

My god you’re insane. You tried to unconstitutional take away adults access to life saving gender affirming care and you think pushing for greener appliances is “overreach” you are all projection aren’t you fascist?

It’s sad that you think your constituents are stupid enough to buy that pile of 💩 you just spewed.

Sadly, enough are.

You really think people are THAT stupid?!

Yes. This has been another edition of Short Answers to Simple Questions.

You do realize that the government has been regulating appliances for LITERALLY DECADES right? Decades, moron. Oh, that’s right. You’re only worried about harassing and abusing LGBTQIA+ folks and performative nonsense instead of doing your ACTUAL job.