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Jess Piper (D) [2023 file photo].

This afternoon:

Jess Piper @piper4missouri
Republicans say that Missouri is an anti-abortion state. Prove it by putting abortion rights on the ballot. Or do they know something that we also know…
12:13 PM · May 18, 2023

Some of the responses:

Two things. 1. Any anti abortion referendum is their kryptonite. And 2. They don’t want the people to have any say. So they’ll never allow the abortion issue to ever be settled by popular vote. It’s poisonous to their tyranny.

Republicans in our state legislature don’t really want to hear what voters think. They’ve proved it many times over by ignoring the results of statewide voting and just doing whatever the hell they want anyway.

The elders and elderettes of the Republican Party of Missouri certainly realize that they would be on the losing end of a statewide proposition. Regrettably, they also feel “safe” that they’ll be able to keep the General Assembly because they draw the maps.

They obviously should…but good luck with that!!
They won’t.

I wish they would. I believe we’d get the same result Kansas did.

That’s exactly why they won’t.

All of their legislative policies would be destroyed if they left it to the will of the people. We all know that. That’s why they are trying to create a Fascist state. Wake up MO. We deserve better after 20 years of BS.

They fear the truth and they don’t care what the majority of Missourians want.

“Reproductive rights are human rights”