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It’s in their nature.

This morning:

Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
The Durham report confirms what most Americans knew all along: the Trump-Russia investigation was nothing more than a political witch hunt.
9:30 AM · May 16, 2023

And he continued:

Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
Every American should be outraged that leaders at the FBI and DOJ – two incredibly powerful agencies – abused their authority by using the federal government as a weapon to try and take down a political opponent.
9:30 AM · May 16, 2023

“Россия” (Russia) – a variant of the Russian presidential flag.

But wait, there’s more:

Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
While this report debunks yet another false narrative pushed by the Left and liberal media, the House will conduct vigorous oversight and do everything within its power to ensure this never happens again.
9:30 AM · May 16, 2023

Sure, Karen.

Jason Smith (r) [2022 file photo].

Some of the responses to Jason Smith (r):


Dude, did you read it?

Have you actually read anything about it, or are you just listening to Fox-not-news? Because whatever they are telling folks is a big lie, and the Durham Report shows what a waste of tax payer funds it was for 4 years! Read some real facts, & stop spreading Trumpian lies.

“The FBI investigation proves conclusively that up is above your heads.”

Republicans: “We now have proof that up has been down all along, and that this administration has been lying to you!”

Durham failed miserably.
John Durham’s investigation lasted 3 1/2 years and cost taxpayers about $3.8 million.
If what Republican radicals are saying is true, why has he only been able to get one conviction of a low-level FBI lawyer who got probation?

Please quit lying to your constituents. It was worth investigating, he’s had significant cash investment from the Russians and tried to have the Ukraine surrender and falsify info about the Bidens. Be accountable.

John Durham is 0 for 2 in prosecutions and he delivered a big, fat, 300 page DUD in the form of an op-ed.

Where are the charges?

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…


Just another MAGA republican conspiracy theory dud (May 16, 2023)