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Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

Saturday, priming the right wingnut faux outrage pump:

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Mark Alford @RepMarkAlford
We cannot allow China to purchase one more acre of American farmland!
12:07 PM · Apr 15, 2023

Some of the responses:

Talk to @Eric_Schmitt. He voted and voted overrule a governors veto to allow the sale of Missouri farmland. Were you upset when you reported on that when you were a journalist?

“…Were you upset when you reported on that when you were a newsreader?” – fixed it for you.

Who allowed it in the first place?

How about Canadians buying US farmland?

What would Brian Boitano do?

What you are saying, is that you want to take away Americans rights and freedoms to sell their land to the highest bidder.

Good job Congressman Alford. Say it like it is. 1 acre is too much for communist government to own. Especially next to a US Airforce base.

You know both Missouri senators and the governor voted to allow those sales?

Well, not Josh Hawley (r). He was too busy ladder climbing.

You should be speaking in Jeff city, not DC.

Then why did the Missouri GOP ok China purchasing our land?
Fact checking Mark
Yep the GOP voted for it

Maybe @IvankaTrump should give back her patents she got from China as well?

Trademarks, but okay.

Brand new issue?

Who is SELLING U.S. farmland to China?

Corporations? Just a random guess.

Talk, talk, talk!

Oh look, @RepMarkAlford is trying to look relevant.

Not working. Hypocrisy is the only agenda the @GOP knows.

Then why in the HELL did Eric Schmitt vote, not once, but TWICE, to sell MO agriculture land??? It’s YOUR party doing it you dingleberry!

And……you’ve already exceeded the limit that was ‘supposed’ to be sold off.

Your party did this. Don’t act like you’re shocked.

Who is selling it?

They already own the important acres needed to wack out our Air Force bases!!!!

Yeah, you know, feed corn will do that.

HEY! Wasn’t it Eric Schitt who ok’ed the sale of MO farmlands to the Chinese? Yes, it was. Come on @RepMarkAlford — call him up and ask him about it. Don’t you do your homework? Eric Schmitt voted twice to approve the sale of farmland to foreign businesses.

Haven’t y’all Republicans been in charge for 20 years? When did these sales of Missouri farmland happen?

Hey dumbass, you are the idiots that allowed for it to happen in the first place. Just resign and let people that know what they are doing take your seat.

Anything else happening on Saturday?

20 mins and you are tied to the radical MTG FOREVER


Tonight should be one hell of a party (r) (April 15, 2023)