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Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].


Today, the graphics design shop in Mark Alford’s (r) office demonstrates that it’s A-1:


Mark Alford @RepMarkAlford
Crime surges, inflation erupts, chaos thrives: Biden’s America.
8:44 AM · Apr 8, 2023

Yeah, the details in the non-existent republican budget proposal must be epic.

Some of the responses:

You already know the crime surges are in the red states you love!

I’m counting down the days until this administration is gone! #BidenIsDestroyingAmerica

Must really like sloppy office work. Apparently not detail oriented.

You already know the recent inflation is global & was caused by the global pandemic. It wasn’t caused by the previous administration or the current one.Relative to other countries, the United States is seeing the level of inflation decrease & is better than most countries. Truth?

Chaos is occurring in red states as guys like you are focused on taking away the rights of women, minorities and immigrants. On this holy weekend less noise & half truths would be wish. You could work on a plan to address immigration, you know folks like Jesus! Happy Easter! [….]

Speaking of chaos . Apparently your party isn’t even capable of doing a budget

What’s a DISATER? Can’t you even spell Li’l Markie? [….]

Someone else noticed!

Probably just really poor proofreading. Still, it’s symptom and somewhat amusing.

Quit “BITCH’N ‘BOUT BIDEN (BBB) & DO YOUR OWN JOB for the 4th Dist. MO Citizens – answer emails & telephone call – fix infrastructure – bill to lower taxes on MO middle class. Common sense gun control – new 7 Highway from US 24 Hwy to Harrisonville – get to work MAGA BOY!

A constituent can dream, can’t they?

No you are a disaster. Worst vote I ever made. You said truth matters. Now you lie through your teeth. Sad.

Buyer’s remorse. There’s a lot of that going around.