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Yesterday, Eric Schmitt (r) proceeded to do so:

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Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
The Covid vaccine mandates were stupid.

The Biden Administration fired over 8000 military men and women over it.

Today Secretary Austin admitted he’s doing nothing to get these well trained men and woman back.

This is nuts.
5:02 PM · Mar 28, 2023

Yes, you are, Eric (r). Stupid and nuts.

Some of the responses:

These people take literally dozens of vaccines in the military – and it was just this one they refused to take – for political reasons.

If a soldier refuses a life-saving vaccine, will he refuse to save a brother in arms? They weren’t fired. They QUIT. I don’t want them back.

This one wasn’t a vaccine, it was an experimental drug that effects your very DNA that was illegally pushed on a captive audience.

They exist, apparently.

It’s what happens when you have an illegitimate regime full of diversity hires

That would be classified as a particularly obvious dog whistle.

For starters dbag, it is essential that military personnel have the ability to follow orders and recognize the chain of command.

The GOP wud weaken our military command by giving every soldier a choice of which rules and commands to obey. Military cannot work that way. Talk abt a Banana Republic. Can you imagine the day when every “who ha” in the U.S. has assault weapons & answers to a militia ldr, perhaps w/ a swastika on his uniform?

Maybe they were extra, you know like the Twitter employees you laughed about.

They were in the military and refused to follow an order. Of course they were fired. They have shown they will not follow orders.

The military is about following orders, they were fired for not following orders. It’s pretty cut and dry.

no, they were fired for refusing to obey a lawful order.

bye, Felicia

They were ordered to get the vaccine. They didn’t follow the order so they deserve what they got. If you had served perhaps you’d understand what following lawful orders means. Instead you’re engaging in political theater to divide people. You’re a disgrace.

Eric, you are still stuck on Covid mandates?? You need to move on to something else that will actually help people, like banning assault type weapons, red flag laws, mandatory background checks for gun purchases. Any actual ideas for HELPING people, not just complaining!!

Your act is getting old

They made the choice to not have one vaccine. Their choice.
I’m fine if they don’t return. Follow guidelines or find a new career. The rest of us operate this way. Pretty simple.

If they cannot follow direct orders in peacetime what happens on the battlefield? They should not be in our military.

Look at Eric grandstanding!

It’s in his nature.

What are you doing about guns?

Don’t hold your breath.

Lost ball in high weeds. [….]


You should follow your logic and get rid of TB, malaria, and other vaccines.

Diversity Hire Austin is a disgrace

That would be classified as a particularly obvious dog whistle.

Why would we want them back? It would deteriorate troop cohesion and make us less safe.

The vaccines saved lives, stay in your lane

They failed to comply with a lawful order.

We also know that to have a safe and well prepared military, they receive many vaccines to keep them safe in other parts of the world. COVID vaccines did the same.

Well, they didn’t follow the rules, so…

How many vaccines are the military required to have or get before enlisting @Eric_Schmitt?

What other vaccines should members of the military not take? Get real.

I was in the military , the thought of not taking a vaccine was & is asinine

It’s one of freaking how many shots they got to get. Waaaah waaaah waaaah

How many other military vaccine requirements can be ignored?

Military preparedness is vital to our national security. Our troops receive a whole battery of vaccines to maintain their health and fitness. That’s their duty. If a vocal few can’t take orders then they shouldn’t have volunteered for service.

You don’t fire the military you ridiculous clown. Learn something about the UCMJ genius.

The military mandates dozens of vaccines for personal. Why did they not refuse those vaccines?

What’s nuts is being beholden to right-wing fantasy. We can’t have insubordination in our military.

From the moment that they decide to join the military, they know that they are required to take all available vaccines. They were given a direct order and they defied that order, and they were relieved of duty.

The military already has a ton of other required vaccines. Why should we give a shit about this

The Covid mandates for the military were not stupid. The military has many vaccines requirements. Covid killed millions, and made people sick. The military made the right call. Eric Schmitt you are way out of your league on the medical issue. Sit down and shut up.

My immunization record in the military was three pages long; you obey orders or GTFO. So f$&@ off POS #MAGATerrorisTraitoRacist

Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo}.