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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

This morning:

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Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
THIS is the greatest challenge our nation faces – the loss of our common culture & the principles & beliefs that bind us together
9:16 AM · Mar 27, 2023

Have you ever bothered to read the Constitution, Josh (r)?

Some of the responses:

Trump is the manifestation of everything ugly in America. Racism. Sexism. Unfettered capitalism. Domestic terrorism. Repression. He is a cultivated and self-created weapon of entrenched corrupt power that feeds the rich and foils the true American promise of a better life for all

You have a news & entertainment media and an entire political party (Democrats) dividing the people 24/7, calling you racist, telling you it’s bad to be patriotic and closing churches, what do you expect? Sinister forces are trying to and succeeding at destroying America.

If people are calling you racist it’s probably because you’re racist. Who is closing churches? I mean they should be closing churches but I haven’t heard of any closing. The sinister force trying to destroy America just had a rally in Waco Texas.

We’re a land of diversity. Did you learn nothing in school?

No. This has been another edition of Short Answers to Simple Questions.

The peaceful transfer of power used to bind us together.
But you helped take care of that, didn’t you?

[Cheers on insurrectionists] Gosh whatever happened to a common sense of patriotism geez

ok insurrectionist

And now, like a grown up, assimilate the information and utilize it. Why do you think this is like this? What role does your seditious behavior play in it?

Look inward Josh. These items should never have been politicized.

Fueled by people like you and the former president—dividers all.

Keep your religious beliefs to yourself.

America is not interested!!!

Please, dude. Your supporters’ contributions to culture at this point are book banning and beating up drag queens.

What are these common cultures, principles and beliefs you speak of?

If you truly believed this you would no longer seek to divide. To other and dehumanize everyone who doesn’t looks act or think like you. But that’s all Rs do. It’s all they have. They no longer care to govern. Instead they legislate away the rights of anyone they don’t agree with

I do not share anything with the likes of you, pencil. You are a traitor to your oath. I will never forget that and nobody else should. If people stay away from religion, it’s because of phony Christians who think they’re on a mission to hate others not like themselves.

Keep allowing illegals to flood the border, and it’s only going to get worse!

No human being is illegal.

“No human is illegal”

Are these your white power concerns? You’re living in the past and nobody cares about your white power movement.

Of course it’s concerning, who would sign on to your definition of patriotism you traitor?

This is YOUR culture, not mine. Stop trying to turn this country into a whites only christofascist regime.

“Common culture” is rich coming from a Missouri Senator who doesn’t actually live in Missouri. How is the wealthy northern Virginia culture treating you?

This graphic gives me hope. While it does the opposite for you.

Josh tried to overthrow the government of the United States and now he’s worried about patriotism. I mean you can’t make this stuff up. [….]

This very same argument culture is changing, we’re losing our culture, been used many times in American history.

during emancipation.

during suffrage.

during the civil rights movement.

They claimed they were losing their culture back then as well

Because some of us don’t appreciate domestic terrorism. Remember #january6th.

Some of us don’t want to have kids. And some of us don’t support having our rights taken away in the name of some made up entity.

No one wants your patriotism if it means ignoring our problems.
No one wants your religion if it means we don’t help people.
No one wants childbearing if you’re going to let us die if things go wrong.
No one wants a community with bigots.
Wages aren’t enough to survive.

Yeah, it’s really awful that a country that was founded on democracy would have people who object to others controlling their reproductive organs, what they read, what they wear, who they love, and putting certain people above the rule of law.

Where do insurrections go on the graph, Josh? And obstruction of justice? And”death and destruction “?