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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

In 2019:

Demographic and temporal trends in transgender identities and gender confirming surgery
Regardless of specific prevalence rates, most studies demonstrate two clear trends: (I) growth in the proportion of TGNB [Transgender and gender non-binary] self-identifying individuals over time; and (II) a higher proportion of TGNB identities among the younger generations. Flores and colleagues note that their 2016 estimate of the percentage of transgender-identifying adults in the U.S. is double their 2011 estimate, which they attribute to improvement in survey methods (11). Arcelus et al. also describe a general increase in TGNB individuals in Europe within their study period. Greater visibility and acceptance of TGNB individuals, and as a result, greater willingness to self-identify as TGNB and seek transition, may contribute to these trends.

FEBRUARY 3, 2022
What the data says about gun deaths in the U.S.
In 2020, 54% of all gun-related deaths in the U.S. were suicides (24,292), while 43% were murders (19,384), according to the CDC. The remaining gun deaths that year were unintentional (535), involved law enforcement (611) or had undetermined circumstances (400).
Gun murders, in particular, have climbed sharply in recent years. The 19,384 gun murders that took place in 2020 were the most since at least 1968, exceeding the previous peak of 18,253 recorded by the CDC in 1993. The 2020 total represented a 34% increase from the year before, a 49% increase over five years and a 75% increase over 10 years.


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Today I’m introducing legislation to allow victims of gender reassignment drugs and surgeries to SUE doctors, clinics, and universities involved – give victims a voice
4:07 PM · Feb 15, 2023


Some of the responses:

What are you going to do for the victims of gun violence at the hands of a 12-year-old in Missouri?

So Republicans who are against lawyers being able to sue people are now in favor of it when it comes to anything around gender? Pick a side and stick with it.

He picked “bigot”.

GOP loves to cap medical malpractice. Let’s see what you do here.

We need to be able to sue for the COVID shot also. We were not given adequate disclosures. I had a very hard time with the second shot in particular and I am still having chest pains despite being an Iron Man triathlete.

It’s all about you.

Why are you suddenly so interested in Missouri? Oh, I get it…
@LucasKunceMO !!!!

Josh Hawley virtue-signaling on your tax-dollars America. He knows, you know, we all know this legislation will go nowhere fast. Josh doesn’t care, your paycheck is his call to perform for the cult and America’s needs be damned.

Instead of introducing useless legislation that meddles other people’s lives introduce a legislation that bars coward seditionists from holding public office and then resign

So, you’re off the porn habits of virile young men train??

Fixed: Today Josh Hawley gives bigots a stronger voice and takes steps to further deny healthcare to the trans community.

Can gun victims sue?
That’s an actual crime.

You don’t know or even care about any actual transgender people, do you?

Why don’t you go concentrate on an actual problem. Leave people alone

Run Joshy Run. Do what your best at, instead of interfering with people’s lives.

Wait! I thought inflation and immigration were the most dire issues of the election!!!

Why can’t you mind your own business?
Seriously, how important is this in the realm of governing a nation?
How about the impoverished? What about the homeless? Are you denying the dead at MSU, Uvalde, and Sandy Hook?
These are all day to day problems Senator. What about them?

Can you add victims of gun violence being able to sue retailers?

Now do ‘Gun Violence’

So Women forced to have babies should be able to sue the politicians who created the laws? Outstanding!!

No one should be forced to do anything they don’t want to do

Good, let’s do gun manufacturers next. Your stupid outrage over a procedure chosen by someone is not the same as being slaughtered by a gun just by going to school or to the store. You make me sick.

How about giving workers the ability to sue their employer for lax covid policies?

Right. Because these are the real issues Americans are facing [….]

And…bang! Just like that, inflation is solved.

Can’t you do actual worthwhile work?

No. This has been another edition of “Short Answers to Simple Questions”.

Let’s see. Kids can have all the guns they want, but not a social media.
And now, people who voluntarily had gender reassignment can sue the doctor they paid to do the job they wanted.
Your priorities are really screwed.

I am so glad you are working on the important issues and ignoring the small issues like war, global environmental disaster, and unifying the country.

Sarcasm. Probably.

So, based on this, victims of gun violence should be able to sue gun manufacturers and anyone who participates in the sale of a gun, right??

But you have no problem with Kids getting shot to death with assault weapons. FY.

Thoughts and prayers.

How does this lower the price of gas and eggs? How does this prevent mass shootings? Your clown show has become tiresome for Americans on both sides of the aisle.

That’s really stupid
Now do face-lifts

Gun violence is the leading cause of death of young people. What are you doing for them?

Thoughts and prayers?

Gun Industry Immunity
In 2005, Congress passed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA),1 a federal law that provides broad immunity from many lawsuits to manufacturers,2 sellers, and importers3 of “qualified products,” meaning firearms, ammunition, or component parts of a firearm or ammunition.4 For these purposes, PLCAA provides general immunity from lawsuits to federally licensed manufacturers, federally licensed firearm dealers and importers, and entities engaged in the business of selling ammunition at the wholesale or retail level.5 (This immunity also extends to certain firearm and ammunition industry trade associations).6

Generally, PLCAA prohibits plaintiffs from bringing what the law calls “qualified civil liability actions” against these industry defendants. “Qualified civil liability actions” are civil or administrative proceedings for damages or other relief brought by any person, including a governmental entity, “resulting from the criminal or unlawful misuse” of firearms, ammunition, or firearm or ammunition component parts by the plaintiff or a third party.7