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Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].


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Mark Alford @RepMarkAlford
While the State of the Union was our focus last night, I’m more concerned with the state of the Presidency.

I went to the House floor to talk about it. #SOTU
1:12 PM · Feb 8, 2023

Joe Biden kicked your asses.

Joe Biden (D) [2020 file photo].

Some of the responses to Mark Alford (r):

Why don’t you SHUT UP and stop embarrassing MO-4. You have NO EXPERTISE and your only claim is to have been a morning local news hack on FOX 4 News (bantering on flowers, traffic and food if that is news)

Once again @RepMarkAlford wandered onto the House floor to listen to himself talk. He feels that he is more competent than the President who has served as a leader in this country for 44 years while Mark was an anchor on a morning TV show with low ratings in a small market.

Dunning-Krueger Effect.

Blah blah blah you blowhard. Stop thinking youre more important than you really are.

So many angry Liberals in this thread. Mark, and his thought process and true Conservatism (not MAGA) is what we need in the Republican party.

I don’t live in his district but I am closely watching his work and supporting his mission.

Heh. “…don’t live in his district…”

You are full of hot air.

Helium would be funnier.

You don’t have a clue

Until you denounce this trash, you are no better
[image of angry MTG]

Definitely not a liberal.


Sunsetting Social Security and Medicare is off the table (February 8, 2023)