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Peter Merideth (D) [2021 file photo].

Last night:

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Rep. Peter Merideth @PeterforMO
Every MO R voted that children can carry guns in public. They voted to defund police if a cop helps stop a fed gun crime. They voted to ban a 12 year old rape victim with major health risks from having an abortion. Bills to ban mentioning racism or LGBT issues, ban drag….
8:23 PM · Feb 8, 2023

Rep. Peter Merideth @PeterforMO
Kids carrying guns on the street or in a park is a matter of individual freedom and personal responsibility. Kids seeing a drag queen read a children’s book or sing a song is a danger the government must ban. Do I have that right MO GOP? #moleg
7:58 PM · Feb 8, 2023

Rep. Peter Merideth @PeterforMO
That’s right. I choose not to own a gun so I can’t have opinions about gun laws. They CAN’T get pregnant but certainly don’t mind passing laws about pregnancy. And I bet most of them don’t know much about drugs but are happy to throw people in prison for those every day, too.
7:35 PM · Feb 8, 2023

Crystal Quade (D) [2018 file photo].

Crystal Quade @crystal_quade
Republican #moleg men: “Democrats don’t understand guns so shouldn’t be legislating them!!”

Also #moleg Republican men: “What does trans mean? What’s an ectopic pregnancy? Let’s legislate it anyway!”
4:50 PM · Feb 8, 2023


Missouri, well (February 8, 2023)