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Do tell us all about your time as Missouri Attorney General, Eric (r).

Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].


Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
The COVID tyrants and The Experts™️ were wrong about every significant decision for 2 years yet none of them will ever apologize or will ever admit their catastrophic mistakes.

We cannot not ever let it happen again.
10:46 AM · Jan 17, 2023


Some of the responses:

Now do guns.

Republicans died at higher rates of Covid because of liars like you

Can you explain how this will help us in the future?

That’s just ridiculous. Public health officials acted appropriately according to the best available information. Even if that later came to be seen as improper, that’s just the way it goes. Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know.

Eric Schmitt (r) slept through all of his science classes.

Eric Schitt is vaccinated.
Why do I know this?
Because he couldn’t become a multimillionaire sitting in the senate if he got sick, had long Covid, or worse, all the while instilling fear and propaganda to further his goal and scare up votes for him.


Why are you crying about Covid precautions when your party is about to crash the economy by not paying our national debts?

Were they wrong? Your red wave didn’t come to fruition because y’all killed half of your base with lies. [….]

Actually, buddy, COVID deniers were wrong. Precautions saved lives. But you know that, don’t you. Just trying to play to the base.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. The Covid disinformation spread by people like you is responsible for more than 1 million US deaths.

1.3million dead Americans say what???

You got the vaccine. Are you going to publicly say that was wrong?

Shhh. His base can’t know this.

We don’t apologize to deplorables.

Your followers deserve better.

What is @EricLies lying about now?? Oh! The #TrumpCovid years and that whole bleach thing. #Missouri deserves better

Cannot not? What’s with the double negatives?

Ah, the power of the double negative.

Also, Eric (r) apparently slept through his English classes.

Speaking of tyrants…former MO AG Schmitt sued MO school districts over mask mandates, asked parents to send videos of schools who violated his mandate destroyed morale-turned parents against teachers instead of supporting districts during Covid.

“Covid tyrants”
You sound like someone who doesn’t believe millions of people didn’t die worldwide.

Including relatives of mine.

Please stop dishonoring their lives and their families and friends and loved ones.

I can’t even imagine how many people would have died had we done nothing. But continue going off. Over 1 million Americans dead. You guys don’t care.

In other words you have no vision for your term.

Naming post offices.

Says the guy who sued school districts for trying to keep kids safe. You’re ok with children dying. The rest of us are not. But keep telling us what a good Christian you are. You make Hawley look good. And that’s not easy

Bullshit you lie.

There’s a reason there’s disinformation, it’s the fools like you.
You were vaccinated, I assume your children were as well. Enough with the lies from you and the rest of the GOP.

You’re such a tool

Don’t you ever get tired of being the Covid blow hard in charge? Big words with no facts = lies. That’s you, E.

Kindly fuck every conceivable manner & way off, you complete #Schmitthead.

You are the walking embodiment of a fool who thinks he’s smart.

Dunning-Kruger Effect.

POS Eric doesn’t understand how science works.

My god you mental midget. This is what Missourians get for electing this Josh Hawley devotee.

The “catastrophic mistake” was electing you to the senate. You are a nut job hillbilly.

You’re an idiot!

Still following the same BS. How many Missourians died because of your stupid politics.

You’re a complete nut. Congratulations on selling out.

* From Missouri DHSS “Statewide COVID-19 Deaths, by Week” – data through January 16, 2023.