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Like, you know, gutting congressional ethics?

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

The former newsreader, on Saturday:

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
Update from Washington, DC.

We now have a Speaker, I’ve been sworn in, and it’s time to get to work!
12:43 PM · Jan 7, 2023

Jim Jordan? Seriously?

Praising Jim Jordan? Gross.

He left out Andy Biggs (r). Heh.

Blah blah blah ……fart noise [….]

The problem is he states that “Conservatives have the majority”. I dont believe it to be true…


How about January 6 service yesterday to honor the police we lost & defended our capital. One Republican showed up & it wasn’t Mark Alford ! And don’t say I’m new here.

You have no agenda apart from grievance, revenge, and protecting the behinds of Trump and his 1/6 insurrectionists ( including “I need a pardon”) Gym Jordan.

Your entire caucus is a bunch of whiny panzy frauds. You’ll fit right in. You don’t speak for your constituents. You’re out for your own political interests only. Sad the lack of dignity in the Rs. It a matter of time before you all implode

The whole time you were at Fox 4 I never knew you was a joke.

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.

You’re gross. Go back to entertainment TV.


Mark seems to be damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

Damn, he isn’t.

I’m not sure tying yourself to Gym Jordan is the winning strategy you seem to believe it is.

I’m guessing you’ll be joining the insurrection caucus soon. Sad!

Mark Mark Mark.. that’s not how inflation or gas works. Globally, everything is up. No magic wand is going to fix it bc it’s not inherently a US problem

Remember teleprompter Mark was a Fox News affiliate trained newsman here in KC. He has no knowledge of inflation, gas prices or immigration. Now he is under training from Gym Jordan. Keep watching for ALL HE DOES FOR MO-4. It’ll be easy to keep track of. ZERO [….]

Great! Maybe you can all discuss fixing a system where Donald Trump paid $750 in US taxes his first year.

Ask Mark Alford about IRS funding. Heh.

I would like an explanation for your 15 votes for Kevin McCarthy. I saw numerous requests that you not do so.


After you had constituents PLEAD for not voting McCarthy this is the update you give? Shameful. I could see a mile away the fraud you were, you have deceived the people in our district and went in for yourself.

You’re nothing more than a (not so) pretty boy talking head who has never once had an original thought. Your support for McCarthy, and the DC status quo, tells us all we need to know about you. Resign now and spare yourself the humiliation of being primaried.

You’ll have to wait a bit.

How do you exactly propose to “Secure the border”… when about 20 miles of it goes through the middle of a lake, and a couple hundred miles gows over rugged mountainous terrain?

He’s acting like he was the head guy leading all this. How embarrassing. Hate to break it to you buddy but your the new guy there I doubt you were doing anything that mattered over these past 4 days. Jim Jordan is a traitor and so are you

Stop taking credit for something you had no influence in. Any good that comes from this is ONLY because of the faithful 6…. How gross of you to try and take the credit.

I have one question, so why weren’t you fighting for the 20 who were trying to get conservative rules passed? From vote 1 you sided with Kevin with no effort to fight for rules. Sorry buddy a guy who comes from a news network is not to be trusted. You disgust me.

You could have had Rick Brattin (r). Heh.

You don’t know shit. How about work for Americans. Screw your conservative agenda.

Fuck you Mark!