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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Ironic on so many levels.

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
This is the truth
9:38 AM · Dec 22, 2022

Some of the responses:

Josh, my understanding is that once an aid package is approved that Ukraine can then order the weapons or food and then we pay for it with the allocated funds. That they don’t just send 100 billion to a bank account. Is that not the way it works?

my guess is that ukraine is the “cheaper” way to deter china and scare it away from attacking taiwan which results in a much more expensive war.

And, perhaps, a guess made without the benefit of a Yale education.

[….] Ukraine is fighting heavily-armed Russian troops. Do you think that might be a reason Ukraine is firing those artillery rounds? Do ya, Sherlock?

What do you know of truth. You run at the first hits of real truth.

We’ve all seen the picts.

Lol- then it must be true if josh is saying it’s the truth! Zero credibility, zero integrity, zero loyalty, zero honor, zero patriotism, zero defensibility. hawley is a seditionist and traitor.

Prioritize democracy & the struggle to keep it. Otherwise, remove your human suit & prance back to MO

Uh, Virginia.

Republicanism means never having to have a strategy of your own.

This is a lie if it is spewed from Josh Hawley’s mouth.

You wouldn’t know the truth even if it ran by you in the halls of the Capitol.

You would not know the truth if it tapped you on your little, fascist shoulder.

You would have let Hitler have Europe. Those men were called “appeasers” and not with respect.

There’s that.

We know you can run, practice walking and chewing gum now. 2 things at once is possible

Yale, eh?

It’s amazing how – in the Hawley/Republican propoganda machine – U.S. went from “the greatest military in the world, deady to defend us against any world war” to “oh no!… we only had enough missiles to last 3 months & we’ve given them all to a tiny defenseless country!”


If you truly believe this then you are in favor of lowering the $797.7 billion DOD budget.

You are pathetic!

We can’t multi task? When did conservatives become so weak? It was 2016 I suppose.

The free world steps up while the Republican Party melts away as only a faint memory of a Snowflake lost.

Don’t you have someplace to run?

Are you still running!?

If your objection was truly that US support to Ukraine prevents the US from focusing on China, you would have supported the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO as they will greatly add to European security self-sufficiency. But that’s not your true objection, so you didn’t.

Insurrectionist, how would you know?

How about being a leader of freedom and a enemy of all that oppose it.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t know the truth if it was chasing you out of the Capitol building on January 6… [….]

The truth is you suck.

So you’re voting for the increased military spending, Joshie? To fix the artillery shell gap…..

So as the worlds greatest super power and the leaders of the free world we should sit back and not support Ukraine, thereby giving Putin the green light to pursue numerous other countries while inflicting his tyrannical rule over freedom and liberty. How could you live with that?

Why don’t you run and tell someone?
#Coward #Traitor #Punk

World War Two America disagrees. Idiot

You obviously don’t understand how a global power works. We need to be involved in everything it’s not pick or choose you dumb ass. Looks like you don’t have any idea how real power my operate. But you’re a Russian asset anyway so who gives a shit?

“Россия” (Russia) – a variant of the Russian presidential flag.

Josh Hawley seriously called President Zelenskyy’s speech a “photo op.” This is coming from someone who couldn’t even face his own supporters on January 6th and had to run away. Josh Hawley knows absolutely nothing about courage or bravery. What a pathetic statement.


100,000 Russian casualties were wondering about that, too (December 22, 2022)