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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Today, a thread:

Chad Pergram @ChadPergram
1) Hawley on Zelenskyy: I didn’t go to the speech because I didn’t want to be part of the photo op asking for more money from the United States government when they haven’t given us a single piece of accounting on anything they spent.
8:38 AM · Dec 22, 2022

Chad Pergram @ChadPergram
2) Hawley: We spent $100 billion in blank checks. There’s no accountability whatsoever. No oversight whatsoever..our European allies are continuing to sandbag. We have spent more on Ukraine that all of the Europeans put together and it’s on their continent.
8:38 AM · Dec 22, 2022

Chad Pergram @ChadPergram
3) Hawley: This administration is endangering our national security with this current policy. And I can tell you, if China invades Taiwan, or takes over our shipping lanes or our supply chains, we’re not prepared to stop them right now.
8:38 AM · Dec 22, 2022

Chad Pergram @ChadPergram
4) Hawley on if the China is watching how the US handles Ukraine because if its designs on Taiwan:
That’s total nonsense..China wants to dominate Asia. If they could dominate Asia, they can dominate the globe. We have to stop them in Asia
8:38 AM · Dec 22, 2022

Some of the responses:

Josh is an insurrectionist traitor though so

Hawley is an empty suit.

Hawley gets more un-American and anti democracy each day. Every time he speaks like that he is helping murderer Putin.

Translation- I got caught up in my office watching porn amd didn’t want to be seen running like a loser again on the capitals cctv

We see what you did there.

Actually, he could not stand to be the in the room with the man of the year. The glow would melt him. He is a Putin Patriot

It’s clear — Hawley supports Putin and wants to work against the interests of America.

“Россия” (Russia) – a variant of the Russian presidential flag.

Josh Hawley has aided & abetted a treacherous former freakin’ president who instigated the greatest threat to our nation in my lifetime. Hawley was the inside man on point to first attack the certification process. Hawley is so unfit to serve. Constitutionally disqualified too.

There’s that.

Maybe you could give us a TRUE accounting of what you did on Jan 5 and 6

Total BS. [….]

They are kicking Russia’s butt. That seems to be the best accounting ever.

So basically Hawley doesn’t want to do his job and listen to someone who could possibly say something to inform him. Pretty pathetic

Josh ran away once again!

What do they think we are just sending bags of cash over there in duffel bags? We are sending them equipment to defend themselves against an invading force. The only proof you need is that they are still standing after almost a year battling a “superpower”

Josh (r) has always had difficulty understanding simple concepts.

I heard Hawley was too scared to go to the speech. So he did what he does best. Run away from the real issues. [….]


Basically: Look, I’m a douche bag, I didn’t show up because I’m still holding on to the idea that if there is ever an extreme right wing authoritarian take over in the United States, I’ll have a power position and the foot soldiers won’t come after me.

what b.s. – how can you look at yourself in the mirror the way you twist things? Show some respect for a leader of another country who is having a war waged against them and trying to preserve democracy. What is wrong with you?