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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

Earlier this week:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
Dr Fauci was the high priest of COVID tyranny. The smoke signals from his Fauci candles destroyed the lives and livelihoods of millions. I joined @Varneyco to talk about our 7 hour deposition of Fauci.
12:19 PM · Dec 6, 2022

Faux News? Really?

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.

Some of the responses:

You’re bad for Missouri

Who has been paying your travel expenses?

Apparently winning the election has further encouraged you to embarrass both Missouri and yourself. [….]

My friend was 43. She died 14 days after returning from the Covid infested swamp that is Florida. But her 7 and 5 yr old have great pictures to remember her by. I blame ppl like you. Trump admitted to Bob Woodward, on tape, that he downplayed the virus. Ppl died bc of you ppl.

Wait – don’t tell me: you leave out cookies for Santa Claus?

Quite the Fox regular.

Without a hint of irony, Schmitt says Fauci used his “signature condescension.” What a fricking hypocrite. He deposed Fauci for 7 hours and came away with nothing. Heckuva lawyer.

“high priest of COVID tyranny”
You are such a joke.

nah! Dr Fauci is a true HERO. BTW Q did u meet POLIO?

What a joke you are, and what a joke Missouri is for electing such a ridiculous clown. You should be sued for all the taxpayers’ money you’ve blown on your antics.

You’re a d disgrace and wasting time and money for this dumb political theater.

Why don’t you do something that will actually improve people’s lives?

Says noted medical expert. Oh wait

U r a frkn moron…get bent!

Most would say YOU were the high priest of Covid tyranny!! YOU sir, a “lawyer” attempted to override the advice of MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS during a GLOBAL pandemic to boost YOUR senate run. It was your ONLY platform. You’re a freaking disgrace. Get lost.

It’s hard to find descriptors for what a terrible person you are

Many come to mind.

Oh, you mean the scientist who served under 7 presidents but you somehow believe you’re better informed? [….]

What an embarrassment to Missouri.

You, Hawley and Trump are the high priests of fascist Constitution canceling.

This is really kooky rhetoric.
High priest of covid tyranny..
Just nutty.

Actually, buddy, I wonder if it’s possible to figure out how many Missourians died or developed long COVID as a result of your ridiculous lawsuits. Unlike you, Fauci saved lives.

To Dems, Dr. Fauci is just a respected doctor and scientist. It’s Republicans who throw religion and politics into the discussion to obscure the truth. “High priest” ??? It’s SCIENCE, not voodoo. Stop being an embarrassment to our state.

Dr Fauci saved millions of lives. You are a disgusting human being and I’m ashamed you will be my senator

I’m sorry you’re so stupid

Who was running the country at the time, you morons?

Oh, fuck every single way off with this horseshit.

You do realize that science evolves right and so do recommendations. Just think of all the families that could have been affected by death and Dr Fauci saved them. You are a fool and prove it daily.

What an irrelevant idiot you are. Clearly you have no idea about medicine or actual responsibility

You’re a fcking moron and an embarrassment to Missouri


We could have had six years of Valentine (D), instead we all get a pile of Schmitt (r) * (November 9, 2022)