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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Washington Republicanism lost big Tuesday night. When your “agenda” is cave to Big Pharma on insulin, cave to Schumer on gun control & Green New Deal (“infrastructure”), and tease changes to Social Security and Medicare, you lose
9:53 AM · Nov 10, 2022

Some of the responses:

Embarrassing for you

Also, your leader is a flaming loser.

Congratulations. [….]

Look at you running away again, pretending YOURE NOT a Washington GOP. With friends like you & Trump, who needs enemies. You know what voters turned from? Insurrectionists & those that cheered them on then legged it when they attacked, that’s what. [….]

There’s that.

MAGA lost on Tuesday, and everybody knows it . . . [….]

I don’t know, what are YOU going to do Josh? Quit acting like you’re not a part of this crazy train ya jerk off.

Actually GOP “lost” because they are sick and tired of DJT. Roe veWade. No specific agenda on solving problems. They just bash people.

You could always run away from it.

We see what you did there.

You forgot taking away women’s rights. Or is just smarter NOT to mention that, TreasonWeasel?
And kowtowing to Trump. Or have you not been watching Bobo’s election returns?

fascism, election deniers and trump lost big on tuesday. if though you don’t live in MO, you’re lucky our backward state is willing to support fascists like yourself.

What really lost big was election denial. Your team of anti-democracy seditious conspirators took a bath.

Maybe you should work for America for once instead against our democracy, people, values, and allies.


You voted to kill the insulin cap. That’s mean. Republicans deserved to lose.

Are you saying you support capping insulin prices, cuz you didn’t vote for it

Are you stupid? Traitors, liars, seditionists, democracy killers, misogynists and racists DON’T WIN.

Maybe Republicans shouldn’t run from the problems they help create. [….]

Maybe when Republicans stop taking away woman’s right to make their own healthcare decisions and stop force pregnancies, Republicans might have a chance. When Republicans stop the lying about “open borders”, stop lying about stolen elections, stop the violence, hate & racism.

Washington Republicanism?
I thought you represented ( checks notes) folks in Missouri.
Oh, that’s right you actually live in Virginia don’t you…..

There’s that.

Most Americans want help with prescription drugs. If we do tax breaks for billionaires&industry, we can afford insulin to be free.
Most want common sense gun laws.
Ppl want to be represented by a neighbor.
No one wants to sacrifice Social Security.

Or, more accurately, if you acquiesce and become servile and profess fealty to a facsists would be autocratic authoritarian that tried to destroy Madisonian Democracy in the US on Jan 6th, you find out Americans like democracy and you lose.

Also, y’all fucked up with Dobbs. [….]

Actually, Josh, this party belongs to you and Trump now. And it was you and Trump that the voters told to go to hell.

Own it, bro.

Pretty funny watching Josh trying to separate himself from this debacle.

“Washington Republicanism?” Nice try at finding a spin. Americans are tired of the MAGAt/GQP/Talibangelical wing of the party turning the country upside down with all their temper tantrums, creating problems that aren’t there and all the phoney symbolism. Bibles are props to you.

Democrats made insulin cheaper, you hack.

Bro, say it loud, say it proud:

it’s your obsession with telling women what to do with their reproductive rights.

So do you want your constituents to continue to pay huge markups on insulin?

You do nothing for Missouri (the state you don’t live in and seldom visit) but carp on the sidelines. And Schmitt will be more of the same.

When you attack our elections and attack the capital and offer nothing but hate and bigotry and anger, you lose!

Republicanism lost, but Americans won. So there’s that.

You’re a God damn idiot. You lost bro everything you stand for lost last night. Do you think we forgot you led the insurrection and then ran from it? You’re a disgrace! The only thing Americans have left to do is get rid of self serving scum like you from Congress.

Look at the GOP suddenly having post nut clarity.

Y’all shit the bed for 6 years, voted no on every single issue that would have helped so don’t pretend to care about the working class now

This is a horrible tweet
Not only is it dishonest
It’s implying that your team lost because they wanted to do the things the winning team is doing

Do you think the public is so stupid to believe this nonsense?

Nothing makes you dumber than believing a Republican

Totally. You need to incite an even bigger riot and then run away even faster. [….]

Hot Take Senator Coward. Keep flying that Trump flag.

Are you saying you will raise the price of insulin, expand gun laws to make it easier for our kids to get shot, stop the infrastructure bill and cut SS & Medicare??

You are literally Washington Republicanism Mr. Running Man. Sit down.

You guys framing “infrastructure” has something bad is so fundamentally fucking weird to me. Like you know you’re smarter than this. Why are you pretending, and trying to convince your voters, that fixing crumbling national infrastructure is somehow a bad thing?


You lost because of abortion, the fact you don’t accept elections where you lose, and the fact you let a crazy man lead your party and pick yoru candidates.

Because fascism is better? [….]

Gee, Josh, do you think it maybe also has something to do with the GOP gerrymandering constituents into disenfranchisement, suppressing votes for years, and planning a murderous coup to install a fascist dictator based on total lies that you all knew were lies?#GOPFascistTraitors

So you’re OK with diabetics paying 1,000 dollars a month, as opposed to 35 dollars?

So you’re OK with 19 dead kids and 2 teachers, as opposed to more background checks?

So you’re OK with infrastructure, much of which was built in the 1950s?

Hey Josh! Are you going to try another coup this year or wait until ’24 ??

This is the dumbest take I’ve seen yet.

Self-awareness has never been one of Josh Hawley’s (r) traits.