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An email sent to supporters by Trudy Busch Valentine (D):

Hi [….], it’s Trudy. Now that votes have been counted and the dust has settled, I want to take a moment to personally thank you.

Even though we came up short Tuesday, that doesn’t make the work that we did any less meaningful. One supporter, one donation, one dollar at a time, we built a movement of people who believe in compassion, honest leadership, and a better future for the people of Missouri.

Being your nominee has been the greatest honor of my life. Thank you for standing with me, for supporting this campaign, and for all that you’ve done to help choose decency over extremism.

I know that this loss is hard. And I know that thinking about what the future might hold is scary. But underneath all the fear, disappointment, and anger, I have so much hope, [….].

Watching this team build a top-tier U.S. campaign from the ground up has shown me the power of passionate, open-hearted people like you. Trust me on this: Even though we hear a lot about the greed, hatred, and division hurting our country, there is so much more kindness, empathy, and integrity. I’ve seen it in the communities I’ve traveled to on this campaign, the voters I’ve met, and every single member of this grassroots team.

I will always be grateful for how you stood beside this campaign and believed in our movement. Together, we showed the cynics, the partisans, and pundits that kindness is something worth fighting for.

I have only one more thing to ask of you: Please, please never give up that fight for a kinder, brighter future. Together, I know that we will win. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

With humility, incredible gratitude, and love,


Trudy Busch Valentine (D) [2022 file photo].