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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

Yesterday on Facebook:

Eric Schmitt
This election wasn’t about me, it was about the future of this great country.

Some of the responses:

You won’t fight for me. You won’t fight for the 10 year old rape victim; you’ll fight for her rapist. You won’t fight for those who are impoverished. You’ll fight for the corporations. You won’t fight for eduction; you’ll fight to destroy it. You won’t fight for minorities or LGBTQ; you’ll fight to take away any hard won rights they have. So when you say Missouri, you’re saying white conservative males. [….]

Interestingly, he didn’t mention Missouri.

You’ll be a senator for yourself, just like you were an AG

I’ve heard him spread disinformation and prejudice for 2 years while pledging to be an obstacle to anything bipartisan in DC. He doesn’t deserve a chance, and should have been impeached from AG for abuse of office

Yea – that “hoodie-in-the-pizza-parlor” image sure went away fast! Now it’s power-suits and sucking up to Ted Cruz for “the boy-from-Bridgeton”…

Eric you will be a senator for the Lobbyists not Missouri……You have already got your eye on that NRA money that Roy Blunt got and China will be knocking on your door soon!!! LOL…….

So your social media team decided to stick with inanities? Got it.

Hey, Schitty…are ya gonna sue the schools that are closing as result of the RSV breakout???? Oh, wait…you’ve already “won,” so I guess you’re done using frivolous lawsuits to campaign now, aren’t ya?
You’re gonna do NOTHIN’ for Missouri; you’re gonna step on every one of us to work your way to the Oval Office. You’re nothin’ but an opportunist.

Just red in the paper how you intend to have Ted Cruz as your “Senatorial mentor”… Was there ever ANY DOUBT you would pick the most-hated person in America as your hero? [….]

Future vacations in Cancun with is new pal.


Not for women.

I don’t believe you.