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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].

Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].

Last night:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
The weaponization of Biden’s DOJ against political enemies is unprecedented

DOJ targeting Trump
DOJ targeting parents
DOJ targeting gun owners
DOJ ignoring illegal intimidation against Justices
DOJ ignoring Hunter Biden
87k new IRS agents coming

This is Banana Republic stuff.
10:14 PM · Aug 8, 2022

Some responses:

You really should know how search warrants work. Oh, wait, your area of expertise is filing losing lawsuits and wasting taxpayer money. I guess your feelings were hurt when I said you weren’t the worst Eric, and you’re trying to prove me wrong.

DOJ executed a search warrant as part of an investigation requested by the National Archives over records moved and destroyed to determine if preservation laws were broken.
The disgraced exPrez needs to know the rules apply to him too.
Rule of Law

If you only knew about laws

Trump & his Senate appointed & approved Wray as head of the FBI in 2017. The warrant & search followed the playbook. No one is above the law. #RuleOfLaw

If there is violence, you & other inciteful Republicans will be responsible. Do you want a civil war & the USA destroyed?

It’s called justice. We understand that you may be unfamiliar with this concept.

Yet you know none of this. A warrant for a former President had a high bar. It’s reasonable to believe they had significantly more cause than you did for all your campaign lawsuits. You should probably let the adults work this out.

You are the freaking Attorney General! You know (or should) how the law works. Sadly, you’re just a political hack trying to get votes.

No dude. Trump appointed Wray and there was apparently enough evidence to get a warrant -you should know this since you’re an attorney although from your record. It appears you got your license to practice law from a cracker jack box. That’s how Rule of Law works.

You mean the guy who was appointed by DJT? Wray. Or do you mean the judge who signed the warrant? Also appointed by DJT and confirmed by GOP Congress people. Or did you mean Ron DeSantis who KNEW about the raid and didn’t to off anyone at Mar-a-lago? Don’t be a #schmitthead

You sound scared.


A little later:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
When I’m in the Senate I’ll take a wrecking ball to this overtly political DOJ and the Administrative State.
10:28 PM · Aug 8, 2022

Some of the responses:

It is important to know that you will actually act on your belief that some people are above the law.

You lack the required commitment to the law to be Attorney General let alone a US Senator.

You really do not know how the judicial system works do you. Let me help you. A judge approved a search warrant which was requested by trump’s appointee to the FBI.

Amazing how the GOP supports law and order right up to the point that they break the law.

Dude why are you so obsessed with destructive mechanisms? Ya know blow torches, wrecking balls, bats. Normal people don’t go around wanting to destroy everything. Besides we all know you’re just going to sue everyone with frivolous lawsuits to try and get your way.

Who is it that nominated the current director of the FBI? I’ll wait.

Donald Trump (r).

This is a funny way of saying that you intend to protect lawbreakers from your own party. Shouldn’t an Attorney General be faithful to the law?

Wow. Eric wants to go down w the trump ship. Excellent. Good call, dumass.

Says the fascist AG whose saying he’d be a fascist Senator.

I’m sorry. Which Eric are you? I get confused.


Corrupt people are above the law…. Got it. Nice!

As MO AG, you took “overtly political administrative state” to an astonishing level

Rule of Law really makes you mad, doesn’t it?

We know you will sweetie. You’re lying to your people. You are well aware that there had to have been overwhelming evidence for a judge to issue a search warrant, but you pander to the float trip crowd that won’t ever look into this. You’re cute.

Oddly enough, you actually know that’s not how the Senate works.

So, you believe there are special people who are above the law? Ha! And you’re Missouri’s Attorney General? Who else is above the law? Everyone you’re politically aligned with? Who specifically is above the law? Just asking questions.

Ok, so you’ll be soft on Republican crime? Good to know. You know the FBI director was appointed by Trump, right?

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…


Schadenfreude-a-Lago (August 8, 2022)